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The Live Action Akira Movie May Have Finally Found Its New Director

After on again / off again negotiations with various directors, Warner Bros may have found the director for their live action Akira remake.

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12 Movies That Probably Are Never Going To Happen

Have you ever read about a movie and thought, "This is never going to get made." Chances are you've thought that a lot, and these are 12 of the movies in question that likely won't see the light of day.

What Needs To Happen For The Live Action Akira Movie To Be Made, According To The Creator

Hollywood has been trying to make a live-action version of Akira for some time. While the project has never died, neither has it ever made it very far off the ground. The creator of the original manga doesn't have a problem with a remake happening, on one condition.

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Why Jordan Peele Isn’t Directing The Live Action Akira

Shortly after the incredibly successful box office launch of his directorial debut earlier this year, Jordan Peele quickly found himself facing a potential avenue into the world of blockbuster filmmaking. This is why he turned away.

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The Akira Live-Action Remake Just Took A Huge Step Forward

The live-action remake of Akira has been in the works for years now, but has been mired with dozens of false-starts. The project took a huge step forward today, though, as the newest writer for the adaptation has been revealed, and he sounds like a pretty solid choice.

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The Akira Remake Has Hit Yet Another Snag

The long-touted Akira film has been delayed by yet another issue, which looks set to push its production back even further.

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Amazing Live-Action Fan-Made Akira Trailer Helps Us Revisit Neo Tokyo

And hey, it looks cool: Akira DOES translate to live-action in its visuals, even if this is a much milder evocation of the original material.

The Akira Remake Still Shows Signs Of Life

Jaume Collet-Serra was the last filmmaker involved in Warner Bros.’ ill-advised in-development live-action adaptation of Katsuhiro Otomo’s acclaimed manga and anime film. Warner Bros. had constantly been tamping down their ambitions, claiming it would be a trilogy, then two films, then one mega-budgeted one - the budget of which kept slipping.

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Akira Remake Is Back On, Jaume Collet-Serra Back In Talks To Direct

Another question mark that remains is Garrett Hedlund. The Tron Legacy star has been attached to play the lead role in the movie since November 2011, but it's unknown if he will actually be available whenever Akira does finally get rolling. The trade seems to suggest that if the scheduling does work out, then he will still be the guy.

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Jonathan Nolan Could Rescue The Akira Remake

There's that famous Winston Churchill quote "If you're going through hell, keep going," and I have to imagine WB executives have it taped above their desks as they continue to try and save a project that, in essence, is an expensive adaptation of a Japanese manga that most Americans aren't familiar with, and the ones who do know it are passionately against the idea of an American remake.

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Akira Joins The List Of Projects Shut Down Due To Budget Concerns

It would seem that the live-action remake of Akira just can't seem to stay out of trouble. Since its inception the project has been hitting pothole after pothole, going through rewrites, pre-production shutdowns and even director changes. For a while it looked like things were on track, with Jaume Collet-Serra attached to direct and Garrett Hedlund attached to star (with names like Kirsten Stewart, Ken Watanabe and Helena Bonham Carter rumored for other roles).

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Plot Description For Akira Remake Reveals A Few Key Changes

This all sounds a lot like the original manga and anime, and the part that doesn't-- Kaneda as a bar owner?-- doesn't seem to change things too much. It's unclear how the Neo-Manhattan setting will compare to the original Neo-Tokyo, or how white actors like Hedlund or Ezra Miller will play characters with blatantly Japanese names like Tetsuo and Kaneda

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Gary Oldman Turns Down Akira, Ken Watanabe Offered Role Instead

Watanabe makes a lot of sense to play the role, but it's terrible that the choice is obviously for the wrong reasons. Thanks to his parts in Inception, Batman Begins and The Last Samurai, the actor is probably the most recognized Japanese thespian in America, and therefore a perfect way for WB to say that the entire movie isn't being whitewashed. Politics aside, what do you think of Ken Watanabe playing The Colonel?

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Kristen Stewart Offered Lead Female Role In Akira

I don't know if you heard about this, but there is a movie called Twilight - Breaking Dawn: Part 1 coming out this weekend. All kidding aside, though, Twilight really has taken over the news in the past couple weeks, and that even includes movies outside of the franchise. Just last week we saw the first trailer for Snow White and the Huntsman, a movie starring Kristen Stewart...

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Akira Now Testing Ezra Miller, Alden Ehrenreich To Play Tetsuo

Both Miller and Ehrenreich seemed more interested in making their names as serious actors in small-scale films-- Ehrenreich has the favor of the Coppola family and that's no small thing-- but I guess when Warner Bros. comes calling with a franchise and a big paycheck, you'd be an idiot to say no. Now that Akira has a green light we can reasonably expect this long-delayed project to actually happen

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Garrett Hedlund In Talks For Akira Lead

Last month, the long-floundering, live-action remake of Akira finally got the greenlight from Warner Bros. As if that wasn't surprising enough, they purportedly even had a front-runner in mind for the lead: TRON: Legacy star Garrett Hedlund. It made sense -- Hedlund is a rising star, and science fiction clearly suits him, since the TRON sequel is his highest grossing role to date. Plus, as Eric pointed out at the time, he's already demonstrated a knack with futuristic motorcycles.

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Akira Remake Eyeing Gary Oldman And Helena Bonham Carter

Well, the rollercoaster existence of the live-action, English language Akira remake is finally starting to even itself out, having gotten the greenlight early last week. Tron: Legacy’s Garrett Hedlund may take on the lead role of Kaneda, but the rest of the rather large cast has yet to be filled, save for two roles

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Akira Remake Gets The Greenlight, Garrett Hedlund Frontrunner For Lead Role

'm amazed that the live-action, English language remake of Akira is still alive. In addition to the fact that the project has been toiling in development for years now, earlier this year the pre-visualization team was let go and director Albert Hughes vacated the director's chair. He was replaced in July by Unknown director Jaume Collet-Serra, but news about the film came to a screeching halt afterward. That is, until this past week.

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Akira Live-Action Remake Could Be Greenlit By Warner Bros. This Week

Even if the live-action version gets underway, we have to start wondering how many changes will be made. Months ago, concept artists Chris Weston took to his blog to talk about the ways Hughes wanted to doctor the original. Most, as you’d guess, weren’t great.

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Unknown's Jaume Collet-Serra Will Take Over The Akira Remake That's Still Happening

At $90 million Akira would still be expensive, especially for an adaptation of a Japanese manga and animated film that has a relatively small fanbase in the United States, but the studio has always been mysteriously dogged about getting this project made

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