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8 Awesome Movies You Need To Watch Before They Leave Netflix In May

Netflix is shifting some titles off of its instant roster, and there are eight that we feel you should partake in before it's too late. So read this list, then go straight to your Netflix queue and catch up!

Operation Kino 134: Escaping From Tomorrow With Special Guest Roy Abramsohn

This week we're joined by a very special guest, with Roy Abramsohn talking to us not only about his starring role in the upcoming Escape From Tomorrow, but about the state of the Disney brand, the way being a musician can affect film criticism and acting and lots of other things, favorite and least favorite Disney World memories, and our favorite films based on true stories with very well-known endings

Escape From Tomorrow Trailer Exposes The Nightmarish Side Of Disney Theme Parks

The film follows the last day of a family vacation for Jim White (Roy Abramsohn) and his family. The morning starts with Jim’s boss calling to tell him he’s laid off, but he chooses to keep the information to himself and spare his family’s good time. Unfortunately, his day takes a downward spiral, and the park starts to become a stream of disturbing encounters and visions.

Escape From Tomorrow Will Bring The Dark Side Of Disney To Theaters And VOD

Escape From Tomorrow follows a man (Roy Abramsohn) and his family as they spend a day at the theme park. Unfortunately, the day turns into a surrealist nightmare as the family dynamic splits and the man becomes interested in two French girls (Annet Mahendru and Danielle Safady). The park attractions and workers turn sinister, but he isn’t sure if it’s actually happening, or if he’s having a mental breakdown.

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Sundance Video Blog #7: The Guerilla Disney Movie Escape From Tomorrow And Harrowing Fruitvale

The Sundance Film Festival is finally coming to a close, with the awards ceremony scheduled for tonight and the closing night film, Ashton Kutcher's jOBS, premiering last night. It's finally come time to start taking stock of what we've seen over these breathless 10 days

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