Another month has come and gone, which means it’s time for Netflix to hit refresh on their servers and junk a couple of titles. Out of those titles are the following eight prime cut picks that are leaving our digital libraries for now, and we’re not shy about telling you that they’re well worth your time. Here now is the list of eight awesome movies that you should get down to watching, before they leave your Netflix queue.

The Animatrix
Everybody remembers The Matrix trilogy, but only die-hard Matrix / anime fans remember The Animatrix, and for good reason. Told over an anthology of stories, The Animatrix fills in crucial backstory that fleshes out the world of The Matrix. In particular, stand out installments like The Final Flight Of The Osiris and The Second Renaissance provide details that enrich the events of all three Matrix films, as well as directly influence the course of events in the films. And then there are shorts like World Record and Program that are just fun, beautiful exercises in the Matrix universe.

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