The 10 Best Horror-Comedies, Ranked
While horror is the genre that makes Halloween what it is, the horror-comedy is what helps make this season the great fun that it's always been known for. But what are the best of the best in the field of laughs and screams in one, neat package? Read on to see what we feel are the top 10 horror-comedies out there.
The Ghostbusters Honest Trailer Is So Vicious, But Nails Every Problem With The Reboot
Ghostbusters hasn't escaped the biting criticism that plagued it back when it was still being teased through set photos and trailers. That makes it a ripe target for a new Honest Trailer.
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Why The New Ghostbusters Should Get A Chance To Make Their Ghostbusters 2
Paul Feig and crew have created a weird world that these offbeat characters now occupy, and it's for the following reason I hope they are able to return for a sequel.
Lego Dimensions Ghostbusters Review: It Ghosted My Game
Lego Dimensions recently kicked off its second year with a whole bunch of new game packs, including a rather meaty story-driven outing for the latest (re)incarnation of Ghostbusters. Unfortunately, a rather nasty bug looks to have made a phantom out of my game's save data.
Ghostbusters Will Release An Extended Edition, Here’s When You Can See It
Get ready, Ghostbusters fans, an Extended Version of Paul Feig's controversial reboot will hit shelves this fall.
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Ghostbusters’ VFX Reel Is Gorgeous, Check It Out
A new video has just hit the web showcasing how Paul Feig and the crew behind Ghostbusters managed to create all of those awesome VFX shots.
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7 Lessons The Film Industry Can Learn From Summer 2016
Check out the 7 major lessons that the film industry can learn from the lackluster 2016 summer blockbuster season.
The Ghostbusters Franchise Is Changing Direction, Here’s What’s Coming Next
The Ghostbusters reboot was a divisive film before it ever hit the screen. Now, that the film has been released and we've all achieved some distance, Sony is looking at what's next for the franchise and while much is still unclear, what does seem certain is that a sequel is not the next thing on the agenda.
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Why Paul Feig Won't Direct Any More Remakes
After helming the Ghostbusters remake, director Paul Feig has decided not to put his own spin on other classic movies. Here's why.
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Apparently Little Boys Are Buying Ghostbusters Toys And That's A Big Deal
Ghostbusters has had some pretty heavy controversy surrounding the fact that it has four female leads, but this latest report claims that it hasn't hindered sales of Ghostbusters toys. In fact, both boys and girls hitting up their local toy aisles.
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Dan Aykroyd Describes The People Trashing Leslie Jones, And He's Not Gentle
In response to Leslie Jones' harassment, many Hollywood figures have come to her defense and brought attention to the racism and sexism that is still clearly present in the world. The most recent of these advocates is none other than original Ghostbusters star Dan Aykroyd.
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The 9 Funniest Moments From Ghostbusters
Although it's a consistently hilarious movie, we've compiled a list of the 9 funniest moments in Paul Feig's recent Ghostbusters reboot.
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Why The Chris Pratt And Channing Tatum Ghostbusters Movie Never Happened
While Paul Feig was busy creating his Ghostbusters reboot, rumors swirled about another potential film in the series that would have included a set of male leads. Ghostbusters producer Ivan Reitman has now come out to explain what happened to that idea.
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Twitter Hate Over Ghostbusters Brings One Star To Tears, Forces Director To Action
The topic of the reboot of Ghostbusters has been a controversial one since its inception. However, what actress Leslie Jones has had to deal with goes far beyond the bounds of artistic differences.
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6 Reasons The New Ghostbusters Actually Works
There may be no movie for the last several years that has been under a microscope as much as the new Ghostbusters. Fewer people were against new Star Wars movies. The end result may not have been perfect, but it was still damn impressive.
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This Is What Ghostbusters’ Villain Was Originally Going To Do
SPOILER ALERT The following article contains spoilers for Paul Feig's Ghostbusters. If you have not yet seen the film, and don't wish to know any major or minor details before having the opportunity, please click away to another one of our wonderful articles!
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What's In The Ghostbusters After Credits Scene And What It Could Mean For Ghostbusters 2
SPOILER ALERT: The following article contains spoilers for the very end of Paul Feig's Ghostbusters. If you have not yet had a chance to see the film, you may want to click away to another one of our wonderful articles!
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The Great Ghostbusters Joke That Chris Hemsworth Apparently Improvised
Screenwriter Katie Dippold has revealed a specific scene in Paul Feig's Ghostbusters that Chris Hemsworth expertly improvised.
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13 Original Ghostbusters Easter Eggs In The New Ghostbusters Movie
The Ghostbusters reboot is finally here, and it includes some pretty nifty Easter Eggs and cameos, too. Did you spot them all? Not to worry, we've accumulated the best of them.
Here’s How Much Money Ghostbusters Made For Its Thursday Debut
The Ghostbusters reboot is finally here and it's time to see how the somehow controversial film will stack up at the box office. While audiences got a sneak peek at the movie Thursday night, the results give us a sneak peek into how the weekend may pan out for new team.
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