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Mark Wahlberg Interested In English-Language Remake Of Headhunters

If Wahlberg’s able to get his version of Headhunters off the ground, he’d likely play a corporate recruiter (or “headhunter”) who routinely steals valuable works of art to fund his extravagant personal lifestyle. In time, he boosts precious art from the wrong people, and ends up paying the price.

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Sacha Gervasi To Adapt Norwegian Novel Headhunters For Summit

The novel's protagonist is a headhunter -- the job-finding kind, not the head-shrinking kind -- who uses the access his job provides to steal artwork from his clients. Unfortunately, one of his jobs goes bad, as they are wont to do, and "the headhunter finds himself in over his head and caught up in a murderous scheme."

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Summit Picks Up English Language Rights To Festival Hit Headhunters

It would seem that making English language versions of excellent Scandinavian films is the cool thing to do these days. Tomas Alfredson’s magnum opus Let the Right One In was very quickly adapted as Let Me In for American audiences, The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo is getting the David Fincher treatment not two years after its Swedish premiere...

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