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Sundance Video Blog Day Zero: Uncle Kent And Kaboom

I'll be teaming up with Matt Patches-- freelancer extraordinaire covering the festival-- to record video blogs hopefully daily, updating you on the movies we've seen, the celebrities we've spotted, the parties we've attended

Sundance Preview: Catch Five Festival Films Without Leaving Your House

In the same way you can see new independent films on your television thanks to video on-demand programs all year round, you'll have the chance to catch five Sundance films, on the very same day they premiere at the festival

Candy-Colored Kaboom Poster Is Exactly What You Should Expect

After popping up amid weightier, more dire fare at the Cannes and Toronto film festivals last year, Gregg Araki's Kaboom is getting its theatrical release later this month

Gregg Araki Goes With Sex For His Next Movie

A movie about college kids having sex can turn into virtually anything, but mainly it'd be nice if it meant a hit for Araki. Then again, if his comedy starring Anna Faris as a stoner couldn't get anywhere, it might just not be meant to be

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