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First Kite Trailer Features Violence, Bright Colors And Samuel L. Jackson

It’s a good week for Samuel L. Jackson fans, who already got a first look at the actor in the upcoming action comedy Barely Lethal. People looking for something similar but far more extreme are going to be pleased with the above trailer and series of clips from the upcoming action drama Kite, the live-action remake of Yasuomi Umetsu’s 1999 anime A Kite. At least, I think they’ll be pleased.

Samuel L. Jackson's Kite Remake Finds Director To Replace The Late David R. Ellis

In 2011, word hit that he was developing a live-action remake of the 1998 anime Kite. Unfortunately, Ellis died earlier this month, leaving the future of this remake uncertain. Preproduction for principal photography in Johannesburg, South Africa, was already underway, so producers scrambled to find a replacement for Ellis. They found one in South African director Ralph Ziman, who helmed to 2008 action crime-drama Gangster's Paradise: Jerusalema

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Samuel L Jackson On Board For Live Action Remake Of Anime Classic Kite

You know how certain actors seem to take the same roles in the same types of movies over and over again? Samuel L Jackson is definitely not one of them. From weird, smaller budget movies like Black Snake Moan to gigantic blockbusters like The Avengers, he’s cast an extremely wide net for years, and miraculously, his newest role will stretch it even further thanks to the strange and distinctive world of Japanese anime.

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