Why Uma Thurman Turned Down The Lord Of The Rings
Uma Thurman recently revealed that she turned down a major role in the Lord of the Rings trilogy back in the day. Here's why.
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Watch The Lord Of The Rings Cast Reunite To Fight A Cave Troll In Hilarious New Video
A portion of the Lord of the Rings crew reunited yesterday, and the results are not only on film, they're a delight to watch. Take a look at the video yourself inside.
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The Bizarre Lord Of The Rings Set Prank That Still Continues Today
There's one very odd, long-running prank from the set of the Lord of the Rings films that persists among the cast to this day. Get the details!
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Hollywood Heading Back To Middle Earth For A J.R.R. Tolkien Biopic
A J.R.R. Tolkien biopic will be shopped around at the 2017 Berlin Film Festival, and it has a pretty obvious title. Get the details!
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Another Lord Of The Rings Character Who Could Have Returned For The Hobbit
One actor has admitted that discussions were actually held for him to somehow return as his Lord of the Rings character in The Hobbit trilogy, even though his character would have been an infant.
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The Insane Amount Of Money Ian McKellan Was Offered To Officiate A LOTR-Themed Wedding
We've likely all thought about what crazy things we would do if we had all the money in the world. It turns out, that when some people get that money, they actually try to do those things.
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That Time David Bowie Auditioned For A Role In The Lord Of The Rings
The casting in Peter Jackson's epic Lord of the Rings trilogy is damn near perfect, but it turns out one iconic performer had a shot at a part, as David Bowie reportedly auditioned for a role.
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Someone Edited Lord Of The Rings To Look Like Suicide Squad's Trailer And It's Awesome
When we saw the newest trailer for Suicide Squad we had to admit they had picked a pretty great piece of music to go along with it. But, if the song worked so well for them, who’s to say that it can’t work equally well for another team of adventurers.
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See Peter Jackson's Honest Thoughts About George Lucas
The man who helmed the Lord of the Rings franchise shares his thoughts on the creator of Star Wars.
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How Peter Jackson Feels About The Most Insane Lord Of The Rings Lawsuit Ever
By now, most of us realize that lawsuits that stem from Hollywood movies is nothing new. Well, prepare yourselves, because the country of Turkey might have just beaten us at our own game. And, now, some Hollywood heavyweights are trying to come to the rescue.
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More Gandalf For Sir Ian McKellen? The Legendary Actor Says This
Would Sir Ian McKellen ever reprise his role of Gandalf and go trekking around Middle Earth one more time? The legendary actor had a rather blunt response when asked that very question recently.
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Lord Of The Rings Writer Taking On Merlin For Massive Saga Of Films
If you were going to create a checklist for how to make a current Hollywood blockbuster there are a few things you want to be sure were on it. Disney just checked off all their boxes.
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Lord Of The Rings Superfans Want To Crowdfund A Billion Dollar City
An incredibly ambitious group of Lord of the Rings fans have launched a crowdfunding campaign to help build a lifesize replica of the stunning Minas Tirith. The superfans, who also happen to be a group of architects capable of building the massive city replica are attempting to raise £1.85 billion for the project which will be divided for land, labour and materials.
How Ian McKellen Almost Missed Out On Playing Both Gandalf And Magneto
Sir Ian McKellen almost missed out on playing two of his most famous roles, Gandalf and Magneto, and it would have Tom Cruise's fault, sort of.
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Little Kid Suspended For Brazen Use Of Lord Of The Rings Magic
In these darkest of times, it appears that a newly discovered threat has arisen plunging all of mankind into a state of catatonic fear from which there is no recovery. – A ring! To be precise, the ring to which we are referring is the sinister bit of bling known as The One Ring.
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The Hobbit Already Dominating At The Foreign Box Office
The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies has premiered in international theaters. Unsurprisingly, it is dominating at the box office.
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Watch This Guy Terrorize His Poor Girlfriend With Lord Of The Rings Quotes
There’s no update on the ebaums page, so we don’t know for sure whether the dating couple in the Lord of the Rings video stayed together, or even got married. If they did, I hope this guy updated his material.
Here's Why Peter Jackson Can't Make More Tolkien Adaptations (Even If He Wanted To)
The Tolkien estate and Warner Bros. have been fighting for so long now that it’s hard to imagine that they could reconcile their differences to allow future Middle-earth movies. Until then, we’ll just have to enjoy the ones we’ve gotten.
Mary Poppins And 5 Other Classic Films That Were Fiascos To Make
Getting a movie made is hard. It’s an expensive, sometimes demoralizing endeavor that often involves casting changes, periods of turnaround and multiple years. In short, it’s almost always a fiasco, but as Saving Mr. Banks illustrates, fiasco is a relative term.
J.R.R. Tolkien To Get Finding Neverland Treatment With Biopic
Fox Searchlight and Chernin Entertainment are teaming up to create Tolkien, a drama that will reveal the life story of the author behind The Lord of the Rings.
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