When Nic Cage Crashed A Nic Cage Movie Marathon, Things Got Nuts
Every year the Alamo Drafthouse hosts a Nicolas Cage movie marathon to celebrate the birth of one of our most off-the-wall actors. This year's marathon was crazier than usual because Cage himself was in attendance.
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Nicolas Cage Could Be Playing A Former President
Looking to the future, Cage may have an interesting opportunity in front of him, as he's supposedly been approached to play this former U.S. President.
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The Army Of One Trailer Features Nic Cage... Trying To Murder Osama Bin Laden... By Himself
Watch Nic Cage try to hunt down Osama Bin Laden in a brand new trailer for his upcoming film, Army of One.
11 Awesome Movies You Need To Watch Before They Leave Netflix in September
Netflix just revealed the movies that they will be taking away in September. We filtered through the list and ended up with almost a dozen titles that you need to catch up on, if you haven't yet, as well as the day they're going to disappear.
Nicholas Cage’s Next Film Sounds Like The Visit, Starring Nicholas Cage
Just when you thought The Visit couldn't be any more over the top, a new film project has decided to try and one up that experience. How? By casting Nicolas Cage, of course.
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11 Great Actors Who Haven't Made A Good Movie In A Long Time
We've compiled a list of 11 great actors who have pumped out some seriously bad movies over the last few years.
Why National Treasure 3 Is Taking So Long, According To Nicolas Cage
Nicolas Cage has admitted that National Treasure 3's script still isn't finished, explaining that it's been really, really hard to complete.
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Why Nicolas Cage Passed On Lord Of the Rings
Back in the day Nicolas Cage turned down the role of Aragorn in Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings trilogy, though it was for a reason that many of us can likely empathize with.
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Nicolas Cage's Four Best Movies, According To Nicolas Cage
Nicolas Cage has plays some crazy roles over the course of his more than three-decade-long career. If you've ever wondered what his favorites are, he revealed his top four in a recent interview.
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Why It's Better Nic Cage's Superman Movie Didn’t Happen, According To Nic Cage
Long before Bryan Singer made Superman Returns, it was going to be Tim Burton who brought the Man of Steel back to the big screen, the director signing Nicolas Cage to star in Superman Lives. That project wound up not getting made due to multiple factors, but it turns out that Cage actually doesn't have a problem with that.
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10 Famous Actors Who Never Should Have Been In Superhero Movies
While all the actors on this list have enjoyed success with their film careers, their respective superhero movies are not indicative of their talents. These are the movie stars who should have stayed away from superhero films.
Batman Unchained, Joel Schumacher's Failed Batman Sequel, Sounds Incredible
Joel Schumacher's failed Batman & Robin follow-up Batman Unchained sounds incredible. Seriously.
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Kick-Ass Will Inspire At Least 2 More Movies
Matthew Vaughn wants to make 2 more Kick-Ass films, and there's one prequel you should be very excited about.
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Nic Cage's Osama Bin Laden Comedy Just Added A Great Cast
The upcoming biographical comedy, Army of One, doesn't just echo a military recruitment motto, it plans to send Nicolas freaking Cage to a war-torn Middle East, and he'll have an impressive cast of comedic talent along with him.
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10 Major Stars Who Will Never Lead Another Big-Budget Movie
Being a movie star is far from easy, as your only as good as your last picture. Here are 10 careers that pretty much died after one false move, and a couple other interesting factors.
Nicolas Cage Dating Sim Is The Virtual Romance You've Been Waiting For
It was only a matter of time before some enterprising developer found a way to take advantage of the Internet's weird obsession with Nicolas Cage. Well, that day has finally arrived. There are now two—yes, two—Nicolas Cage dating simulators. And they're both super creepy.
Nicolas Cage's New Movie Is Going To Have Epic Special Effects
In recent years, Nicolas Cage has earned a reputation of taking on pretty much any kind of new project - be it big or small. If new reports are to be believed, then his latest feature will most definitely fall into the former category, as it has some pretty massive special effects plans organized to help tell its story.
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Nic Cage Has A Weird Star Wars Opinion
Nicolas Cage has come to be known as somewhat of a Hollywood eccentric over the years due to random claims like his hiring a voodoo priest to remove a curse from the set of the The Sorcerer's Apprentice and his practicing of "Nouveau Shamanic,” which involves Afro-Caribbean face paint, vibrations and mind trickery. Well, Cage's latest headlines may not be that weird, but they will probably strike Star Wars fans as a bit odd, to say the least.
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Nic Cage Will Star In Hilarious Comedy About Osama Bin Laden
The folks behind Zero Dark Thirty had better hold on tight to their accolades, because soon there’s going to be a new entry into the Osama Bin Laden-hunting genre of film; one that will star none other than the incomparable Nicolas Cage.
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The Craziest Thing About Tim Burton's Canceled Superman Project
Instead of making Superman Lives, Tim Burton moved on to future projects, and Bryan Singer took a stab at the Man of Steel for Superman Returns.
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