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The Year In Movies: A Gif Look-Back At 2013

I'll be recapping the highs and lows of the movie business experienced over the past 12 months. 2013 has been a pretty fascinating time for film, full of reversals of fortune, dizzying successes and even some truly polarizing pictures. So let's look back and GIF out!

Rachel McAdams Seduces Noomi Rapace In Brian DePalma's Passion Trailer

Hearing about the film inspired no excitement. A remake of an unamazing French movie, Love Crime, that trades in two stellar actresses for a good one and an average one? That’s a raincheck I don’t mind signing.

Dominic Cooper And Karoline Herfurth Sign On For Brian De Palma's Passion

There are no really good male roles in Alain Corneau's 2010 French thriller Love Crime. While Kristen Scott Thomas' character does a boyfriend, played by Patrick Mille, that she uses to manipulate the young protagonist (Ludivine Sagnier), but the real heart of the story lies in the conflict between the hero and the villain. Hence why it's such a shame that a talented actor like Dominic Cooper has signed on to Brian De Palma's remake.

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Rachel McAdams May Join Noomi Rapace In Brian DePalma's Passion

If this story is true, I think DePalma is making a big mistake. As much as I didn't like the film, the dynamic between Thomas and Sagnier was interesting because of the boss-protege relationship. If you make the characters the same age then you are taking away one of the few things about the movie that actually worked. Still, McAdams and Rapace are both talented actresses, so maybe they can work with what DePalma gives them.

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