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Splatoon 2 Review: A Brighter Shade Of Ink

The original Splatoon was Nintendo's unique take on the multiplayer shooter and while the result was undoubtedly Nintendo, the style and charm could not be denied. How does the sequel compare?

Will Review: TNT's Young Shakespeare Drama Combines Punk Rock With Iambic Pentameter

TNT is bringing Shakespeare to the small screen in a brand new way this summer with Will, and it's definitely not just another version of Romeo and Juliet or Hamlet.

The Mist Review: Spike's Stephen King Adaptation Is Fittingly Full Of Frights

Spike is bringing a new Stephen King adaptation to the small screen with The Mist, and it brings all the scares we could possibly want out of a summer series.

Dirty Dancing Review: ABC's Musical Remake Is Fun But Falls Short Of The Original

ABC's musical version of the classic 1987 movie Dirty Dancing will soon make its primetime debut, and it's a fun way to kick off the summer TV schedule, although movie fans may find it lacking.

Alien: Covenant Has Screened, Here's What People Think

Alien: Covenant burst into living color for its global premiere last night. But what did people think? Read on to see some reactions to last night's big event.

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The White Princess Review: Starz' New Period Drama Is Captivating But Slightly Confusing

Starz is getting back into the period drama game with new series The White Princess, which is a compelling project with a few flaws.

The Son Review: AMC's New Western Is Well-Cast But Not Quite Wild Enough

AMC is getting back in the Western game with new series The Son. While it shows a great deal of promise, there is room for improvement.

Chicago Justice Review: NBC's Newest Chicago Spinoff Can Stand On Its Own

NBC has created an empire of TV shows thanks to its successful Chicago franchise, and it has officially expanded to include Chicago Justice.

The Missing Season 2 Review: Starz's Twisty Mystery Doubles Up The Intensity

The insanely impressive drama The Missing soon returns to Starz for a second season that is even more thrilling and shocking than the first.

Powerless Review: NBC's DC Comedy Has Potential, But Lacks Punch

NBC's new workplace sitcom Powerless is a noble (if sometimes uneven) attempt to bring some much-needed levity to the small screen DC universe.

Riverdale Review: The CW's Archie Adaptation Is Frustrating And Muddled

The CW's Riverdale is a subversive take on the Archie comic series that is ultimately bogged down by its inability to find its voice or stick to a single story.

What Gilmore Girls' Critics Are Saying About The Netflix Show

With Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life set to hit the schedule next week, we've taken a look at what the early critic reviews are saying about the 4-part series, which will bring Lorelei, Rory and all of Stars Hollow together one more time.

Divorce Review: HBO's New Comedy Is More Painful Than Funny

HBO's divorce has a great cast and a lot going for it, but it may not be exactly what you might expect.

Conviction Review: ABC's New Legal Drama Is Mostly A Retread

Legal dramas can be big hits for networks, and ABC's new series Conviction had the potential to be a great addition to its lineup. Unfortunately, a few issues may prevent it from sustaining an audience this fall.

Luke Cage Review: Netflix's Latest Marvel Show Is Every Bit As Awesome And Exciting As We Wanted

While it's familiar in that it's a show that's able to get a bit more hardcore than its PG-13 blockbuster cousins, Luke Cage also has a distinct, unique flavor that could very well lead it to being called the best Netflix/Marvel series so far by the time it's first season is over.

MacGyver Review: CBS's New Drama Is Good Friday Night Fare

The new MacGyver was a series with the potential to win big or spectacularly flop in its return to primetime. As it turns out, MacGyver 2.0 is perfect for what it is, get the details here.

Notorious Review: ABC's New Drama Could Be Worse

ABC had to find a winner of a show to fill in for Scandal until it returns in 2017, and new drama Notorious is slated to occupy the time slot this fall. The series had potential to be great, but there are some issues that may keep it from finding an audience.

Designated Survivor Review: ABC’s New Drama Is A Fresh And Frightening Take On A Familiar Plot

Kiefer Sutherland landed his first starring TV gig since the end of 24: Live Another Day with new ABC drama Designated Survivor. Only time will tell how the series works in the long run, but here's what we thought of the first episode.

Lethal Weapon Review: Fox's Reboot Shows Great Promise, But Isn't A Bullseye Yet

Does FOX's Lethal Weapon series live up to the reputation of the film series that inspired it? Check out our review and get the details!

Bull Review: Michael Weatherly's New Hybrid Legal Crime Drama Is Good, Could Be Great

There's something about Michael Weatherly that's very watchable. Your eyes are drawn to him on the screen. It's his presence. He never blends in, but yet, he doesn't come off as too showy.

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