You know how security to get on airplanes is a little tighter now than it was twenty years ago? Well, apparently Amanda Bynes wasn’t aware of that. The actress was scheduled to fly on a private jet from New Jersey to Los Angeles this past weekend, but she showed up to the airport without any government issued identifications.

According to TMZ, Bynes was none too pleased when she was told she couldn’t fly without a driver’s license, state ID or passport. In fact, she allegedly told the captain to go online and Google her, which is a little snarky but actually makes sense. Later, he called his bosses to see if an exception could be made, but he got the thumbs down and Bynes was forced to head back home.

Thanks to an incredible number of driving issues in a short amount of time, Bynes’ license was suspended back in September. Obviously, not being a valid driver makes someone infinitely more likely not to have identification, but there are still plenty of other ways to be responsible and prepared for everything. After all, given how much money she has and how much she traveled for her job before she stopped working, it’s hard to imagine she never bothered getting a passport.

Thus far, Bynes hasn’t spoken publically about this alleged airport situation, and since a few days have already passed, it’s unlikely she will. Here’s to hoping the next time she wants to get from one place to another, she shows up with everything she needs to get there, or finds a more accommodating pilot willing to take her anyway.



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