Christian Bale Visits Survivors Of Aurora Shooting In The Hospital

By Mack Rawden 4 years ago
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There are no good ways to heal the wounds, both physical and emotional, of Aurora, Colorado right now. The scars, the memories and most importantly, the absence of some loved ones will be felt for decades, but that doesnít mean the occasional distraction canít liven a few spirits.

Dark Knight Rises star Christian Bale made a surprise trip to Aurora, Colorado today and stopped in at a local hospital to take photos with and talk to some of the victims. The actor previously released a statement saying his thoughts were with all those coping with the massacre, but ultimately, he decided to give more than just words. You can take a look at the photograph of Bale with survivor Carey Rottman below, courtesy of The Denver ChannelÖ

Rather than representing Warner Bros, Bale went to the hospital on his own time, which is a tribute to his heart, spirit and determination. He was in no way responsible for what happened. Only James Holmes has blood on his hands, but visiting the hospital, given what happened, was still the honorable thing to do.

Warner Bros has already announced a sizeable donation earmarked for the victims and more touching displays of generosity will no doubt pour in. Hereís to hoping some of the victims were able to find smiles and a window of happiness this afternoon.
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