Zach Galifanakis might often play character prone to blurting out overly personal information, but in his private life, the comedian tends to play it pretty close to the vest. A good example of that secrecy would be his recent engagement. The Hangover star apparently proposed to his girlfriend Quinn Lundberg at some point in the past, but no one outside his close circle of friends found out until one of the wedding invitations leaked this morning.

According to Celebuzz, the invitation features a cartoon rendering of Galifianakis looking positively troll-like and his soon-to-be dashing wife looking like a beautiful princess. As for the more pertinent information, the ceremony will reportedly take place on August 11th, and the couple is asking most of those attending to donate to Lundberg’s charity Growing Voices rather than give gifts.

In addition to running her charity that assists victims of domestic violence, the twenty-nine-year-old Lundberg is also reportedly schooled in international conflict resolution and previously worked as a ballerina. Galifianakis is forty-two and, of course, not trained in any of the above disciplines, though he’s been known to give dancing a whirl now and again during stand-up routines.

Pop Blend sends out its well-wishes to the happy couple. There’s no word yet on whether he’ll shave his beard for the ceremony, or like he did on SNL, shave it part way through, but one would imagine his fiancée would have a preference one way or the other.



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