How The IT Crowd Is Getting A Remake, Again image
This week, NBC ordered an American remake of the hit British comedy, which will be coming from Bill Lawrence and more. This time around, Iím presuming the network is not going to throw Joel McHale into a sloppy t-shirt and consider him a prime candidate for the lead role. Hereís whatís going on with the new project.
Jessica Rawden 2014-10-17
The IT Crowd Special Will Start Filming Soon image
Since the series left off in 2010, fans of The IT Crowd have likely been hopeful for some kind of follow-up, particularly because series creator and writer Graham Linehan has promised viewers a special that would wrap up the series. Delays have kept the project from happening. But there's good news! The latest update on the special is that it's set to be filmed in just a few weeks.
Kelly West 2013-05-07
The IT Crowd Will Call IT QuITs After The BrITish Comedy's Upcoming Fifth Series image
I think I started watching The IT Crowd about a month ago. Three weeks ago, my anticipation for Series 5 of the British sitcom began and now, do I not only have to wait until, well who knows (2012?), but it seems like that will also be the last of it... and right after we found out that Osama Bin Laden liked the show
Jesse Carp 2011-05-30
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