After a couple weeks of hiatus, Almost Human returns tonight with "Unbound" and with it comes a guest appearance by John Larroquette, who's featured in one of the clips Fox released to tease the episode. As you'll see in the clip above, Laroquette was Dorian's creator and it's evident from his emotional reaction to seeing Dorian and learning that there's still one DRN still on the police force that this model meant a great deal to the genius roboticist.

In meeting Dr. Nigel Vaughn, perhaps we'll get even better insight into what makes Dorian tick.

Dorian getting to meet his maker (in the less deadly sense of the phrase) the clips also tease a major problem for the department and the city, as a dangerous decommissioned robot is on a rampage...

So what's the deal with the XRN? Well, if you don't want to wait until tonight to find out, watch this clip, which has Kennex explaining to Dorian about the model that went bad...

I wonder if there will be a parallel here between the XRN and the DRNs. On one hand, they might have similarities in the way they've both been deemed unstable. But on the other hand, the XRN's soldier-like qualities seem like the opposite of Dorian's more emotion-driven mentality. I guess we'll have to wait and see, but in the meantime, it would be interesting if this XRN somehow came into play beyond one episode, considering it seems like she's one of a kind.

Finally, we have this last clip, which you might not want to watch if you're eating. It shows Dorian and Kennex talking to a bunch of kids on a tour of the precinct. It's evident that they aren't on the same page about what's appropriate to talk about with these kids...

Seems like Dorian had the right idea, while Kennex's enthusiasm led to vomit...

Almost Human airs Monday at 8:00 p.m. Et on Fox.




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