Kathy Bates Will Play Charlie Harper's Ghost On Two And A Half Men

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Kathy Bates Will Play Charlie Harper's Ghost On Two And A Half Men image
If I had to make a short list of people to play the ghost of deceased Two and a Half Men character Charlie Harper, Iím not quite sure who would top the list. But I can tell you Kathy Bates wouldnít even cross my mind. She crossed someoneís mind however, since the Oscar-winning actress will in fact play the ghost of not-so-dearly-departed former star of the series, Charlie Sheen.

Deadline reports that Kathy Bates will appear as Charlieís ghost visiting Alanís (Jon Cryer) hospital bedside in the April 30th episode of the show. Donít worry too much though, it doesnít sound like Alanís hospital visit is a serious one Ė another death is not in the cards for Two and a Half Men. Clearly Sheen himself wasnít a contender for a cameo as his former self, given the spectacularly scandalous circumstances of his departure from the show. But how Kathy Bates came about, well, I donít even know where to begin figuring that one out.

Interestingly, Bates has played a role meant for a man before, on Harryís Law over at NBC. But playing a dead manís ghost Ė that appears to be a first for her. Anyone who has seen About Schmidt carries with them the absolute certainty that Bates is, in fact, not a man. That and a mental image that might never go away.

Although thereís no sign of the demise of any major characters, Two and a Half Men has yet to be renewed for another season. Negotiations are in progress, and Oscar winning guest stars certainly canít hurt.
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