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Why The DC Crossover Would Have Been The Perfect Opportunity To Merge Supergirl's World With The Main Universe
Here's why it was a wasted opportunity not to merge Supergirl's Earth with Earth-1 during the crossover.
Did The Flash Go Too Far With Its First Big Change To Arrow?
Barry Allen has spent the first couple episodes of The Flash Season 3 dealing with all of the unintentional changes he caused after meddling with the timeline. The second episode revealed a huge change that will affect Arrow rather than The Flash, and it's kind of a big deal.
5 Specific Ways Flashpoint May Affect Arrow
Check out our list of five specific ways in which The Flash's Flashpoint story arc could affect the fifth season of The CW's Arrow.
Check Out What Flashpoint Will Look Like In These All-New Season 3 Flash Photos
Check out some brand new photos from the upcoming Season 3 premiere of The Flash and get excited for the Scarlet Speedster's imminent return!
How Long Flashpoint Will Last, According To The CW
The Flash Season 2 came to a crazy conclusion in May when Barry Allen ran back in time and changed the past to kick off the Flashpoint story. Now, we know how long Flashpoint will last into Season 3.
How Tom Felton Is Going To Fit Into Flash's Flashpoint
Tom Felton recently spoke out about the mysterious nature of his character on Season 3 of The Flash. Here's what we know
Flashpoint On The Flash Just Got Confirmed In The Most Direct Way Possible
It's finally been confirmed that The Flash will be delving into the Flashpoint storyline this fall, and we learned this in the most direct way possible over social media.
7 Ways The Flash Season 3 Could Bring In Flashpoint
The Flash Season 2 finale ended at a spot where it looks like the show will adapt the Flashpoint comic book story for Season 3. Here are the seven best ways it can accomplish that.
Flashpoint's Final Season Gets A U.S. Premiere Date
Flashpoint is ready to launch its fifth and final season in the US. The Canadian police drama, which has already premiered at home in the north, has been given a premiere date here in the U.S. ION will start off the last season October 16th.
ION Renews Flashpoint For Season 5
While our neighbors to the north were already on track to see cop drama Flashpoint return for a fifth season, with CTV already giving it a renewal, fans in the U.S. can rest assured that the series will also be back for Season 5 in the states as well. ION Television announced that they’ve renewed the series.
CBS Cuts Numbers' Episode Order
If you're a Numbers fan, there's bad news for the series. It appears that CBS has cut its order for the Friday night procedural from twenty-two episodes to sixteen.
CBS To Air More Flashpoint Later This Season
If you’ve been wondering whether or not you’re going to get to see more of CBS’ drama series Flashpoint, we have good news for you! CBS announced this week that they’ve picked up thirteen more episodes of the series.
Swingtown And Flashpoint Swap Timeslots
It looks like CBS is going to give Flashpoint a fighting chance. The network has decided to move the series to Thursday nights. Flashpoint, which centers on a team of policemen (and woman) that specialize in sensitive criminal matters like hostage situations, will take over Swingtown’s spot on Thursday nights at 10 p.m.. And Swingtown will move to Friday nights at 10, taking up residence in Flashpoints vacated timeslot.
TV Review: Flashpoint
As eager as I was to see this first episode of this series, I definitely wasn’t disappointed with it. I’m a bit surprised that CBS stuffed this new show in their Friday night 10 p.m. timeslot. It seems to have a lot of potential, with a solid cast, decent dialogue and some great tension but being summer, I have to wonder if it’s going to find the right audience in its current timeslot.
2008 Summer TV Preview: Flashpoint
This series looks like a nice blend of drama and suspense. Add that to the fact that Enrico Colantoni is starring in this series and I don’t need any other reason to check out the pilot. I adored Colantoni in Veronica Mars and love that he’s got his own show now. As a bonus though, Amy Jo Johnson’s also in Flashpoint. You might remember her from her role in Felicity or as the Pink Ranger in the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.
2008 Summer TV Premiere Schedule
The summer season is quickly approaching and the premiere dates for the series set to start back up with new episodes in the upcoming months are slowly but surely popping up on the network websites. In an effort to help you (and ourselves) keep track of everything, here’s a list of the premiere dates for this summer's TV season. Since not all of the premiere dates are available just yet, this schedule is a work-in-progress.
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