DC Films Boss Confirms How The Multiverse Will Work In The DCEU

Ezra Miller as The Flash in Justice League (2017)

The future of the DCEU is looking bright, as Warner Bros. and DC’s film slate is greatly expanding. But things are about to change in the cinematic franchise, as it’s going to fully embrace the multiverse, beginning in Andy Muschietti’s Flash movie. But some may still be wondering how exactly Warner Bros. plans to manage its cinematic multiverse. Well, DC Film’s Walter Hamada has now shed some light on the subject.

During the “Multiverse 101” panel at DC FanDome, Walter Hamada explained that DC’s cinematic multiverse will include an “Earth Prime.” This continuity will be comprised of the main heroes like Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman, Jason Momoa’s Aquaman and Ezra Miller’s Flash.

Additionally, this multiverse will include plenty of other universes, such as the one that’s occupied by Matt Reeves’ The Batman. Walter Hamada even went as far as to refer to Robert Pattinson’s Dark Knight as a “Year Two Batman.” He even made it a point to say that Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker is also a part of this multiverse.

Walter Hamada, along with DC Chief Creative Officer Jim Lee and Arrowverse producer Greg Berlanti, explained that this multiverse approach will help to create variety within the massive franchise. It will also help to keep order within timelines, as creatives won’t feel as though they’re stepping on anyone else’s toes.

DC fans no doubt know that the DC’s multiverse has already been alluded to through the Arrowverse. During the “Crisis on Infinite Earths” crossover event, Grant Gustin’s Flash crossed paths with Ezra Miller’s speedster, thus confirming that the continues are part of a multiverse.

Warner Bros. and DC’s approach to the multiverse on the cinematic side of things is definitely exciting. What this means is that fans will still be able to enjoy the adventures of the DCEU’s main heroes like Wonder Woman and Flash. But at the same time, there’s plenty of room for The Batman any future franchises that are created.

Of course, despite there being different continuities, it’s safe to assume that there could be crossovers like what we saw during “Crisis.” We are already seem to be getting primed for that with Andy Muschietti’s Flash, as it’s set to feature Michael Keaton’s Batman. And who’s to say more movie characters won’t show up on television?

The idea of Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman rubbing shoulders with Supergirl or Grant Gustin’s Flash is great. Or to have Pattinson’s Dark Knight meet Javcia Leslie’s Batwoman would be amazing. Admittedly, Warner Bros. and DC may not want to cross things up too much but, with this new approach, the possibilities are there and they are endless.

It goes without saying that DC Extended Universe just took a massive step forward, and it’ll be interesting to see how things play out moving forward.

So with the DCEU’s multiverse approach, what kind of crossovers are you hoping to see? Let us know in the comments below!

Erik Swann
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