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The Sons Of Anarchy Spinoff Is Moving Forward, Here's What We Know
Everybody, get ready to hear the most non-Charming story of 2016, as the highly anticipated next epic saga in the Sons of Anarchy universe just got some amazing news.
The Sons Of Anarchy Spinoff Finally Confirmed Its First Star
Finally, something has been announced regarding the upcoming Sons of Anarchy spinoff series, and that "something" is the first confirmation of who we can expect to see.
Why The Sons Of Anarchy Prequel Might Not Happen Anymore
Kurt Sutter fans know the origin story for the Sons of Anarchy's central M.C. would more than likely be coming via the previously announced prequel project. But that might have changed.
Why Sons Of Anarchy's Juice Is The Opposite Of Luke Cage's Shades, According To Theo Rossi
Luke Cage star Theo Rossi is no stranger to scripted organized crime, having starred as Juice in Sons of Anarchy for years. But according to the actor, the characters are completely different. Here's why.
Fear The Walking Dead Just Added A Surprise Sons Of Anarchy Star
Fear the Walking Dead came to a pretty wild finish for its Season 2 finale, but the best part came with the surprise introduction of a Sons of Anarchy star.
10 Great Shows To Stream On Netflix This Summer
Summer can be a rough time for TV fans while most of the big shows are on hiatus until fall. Luckily, Netflix has a vast library of shows available, and some are absolutely perfect to bingewatch over the summer. Here are 10 of them.
11 Recent TV Character Deaths That Broke Our Hearts
we looked back over the past two years – the 2014-2015 and 2015-2016 TV seasons – and pulled out 11 deaths that tore half of our collective heart from our chest and used it to pummel the other half into a tear-shaped pulp.
How The Sons Of Anarchy Cast Got Royally Screwed By Houston Comic-Con
You'd think no one would be dumb enough to try and swindle the former members of Sons of Anarchy's central M.C., but that's just what happened at the Space City Comic-Con in Houston.
Sons Of Anarchy Will Tell More Of Its Story In New Comics, Get The Details
Beyond the potential TV projects that have already been announced, we’re also going to get a new Sons of Anarchy comic book series that will center on a very interesting period in SAMCRO's history.
Could Even More Sons Of Anarchy Shows Be On The Way?
Earlier today, FX announced that it would be moving a step forward with the in-development Sons of Anarchy spinoff centering on the Mayan M.C. But one SAMCRO co-star is hinting that this world is getting expanded in other ways, too.
The Sons Of Anarchy Spinoff Is Officially Moving Forward, Here's What We Know
Following Kurt Sutter’s short-lived tenure heading up the FX series The Bastard Executioner, the Sons of Anarchy creator has started work on an SOA spinoff in earnest. Here's what we know.
The Sons Of Anarchy Spinoff Got Some Good News
No matter how many times I turn my TV to FX on Tuesday nights these days, it isn’t ever a new episode of Sons of Anarchy. But this totally logical cycle might be changing, as the Sons of Anarchy spinoff is in active development.
A Major Sons Of Anarchy Actor Just Joined The Dirty Dancing Remake
Dirty Dancing is a classic film that never really seemed to need to be remade, but ABC is doing it anyway. Only time will tell how it turns out, but the song-and-dance remake has made a killer casting choice that definitely gives reason to be more optimistic.
Why CCH Pounder Was Given The Gig On Sons Of Anarchy
In Season 6, Sons of Anarchy brought District Attorney Tyne Patterson into the fold, and Kurt Sutter cast the always great CCH Pounder to rain down some legal obstacles on SAMCRO.
The Next Sons Of Anarchy Show Is Happening Sooner Than We Thought
Earlier today, the world got the terrible news that Kurt Sutter’s latest series The Bastard Executioner will not return for Season 2 in 2016. But the silver lining here is that Sutter is now able to shift his focus back to the Sons of Anarchy universe.
The Dumbest Complaint The FCC Ever Got About Sons Of Anarchy
If you were a fan of Sons of Anarchy during its seven-year stretch, you know the show was full of adult situations. But some people still complained, and this is one of the dumbest things you'll ever read.
What Are The Chances The Sons Of Anarchy Spinoff Features Characters From The Original Show?
Kurt Sutter's already laying the groundwork for a future Sons of Anarchy spinoff about the Mayans. So will we get to see any characters crossing over between shows?
What The Sons Of Anarchy Prequel Will Actually Be About
We can one day live in the world of the Sons of Anarchy mythology again, whenever creator Kurt Sutter gets around to making the previously announced prequel series. Thankfully, he’s got a good idea for what it’ll be about and how he’ll tackle it.
6 Sons Of Anarchy Characters We Need To See In The Spinoff
Even though it’s the early stages for the recently announced Sons of Anarchy spinoff, we’ve already got some pipe dreams for it, so here are 6 Sons of Anarchy characters that we absolutely have to see if and when this still-untitled spinoff gets made.
Sons Of Anarchy Spinoff Is Happening, Get The Details
When the mighty have fallen, everyone else gets to rise up and take the throne. That’s what’s happening over at FX now, as Sons of Anarchy’s ashes are being swept away and replaced by the development of a brand new spinoff series. And SAMCRO isn't at the helm, either.

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