Review: Bakugan Battle Brawlers

Bakugan: Battle Brawlers is, simply enough, a video game form of the physical board/card game that every ten year old boy is playing right now. As such, they will absolutely eat it up, absorb it, and unlock everything within two days.

Review: Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games

I need a bit more from my games than what Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games has to offer. I'm sure if I was new to games, or was twelve years younger, I'd really dig this game. There's nothing bad about Mario and Sonic, there's just nothing compelling.

Review: ObsCure: The Aftermath

ObsCure: The Aftermath is a fairly average survival horror game. Being on the PSP, however, bumps it up a few notches since the "survival horror on the go" genre is severely lacking in titles. If you're looking for a horror game on your PSP and you've beaten Silent Hill: Origins, give ObsCure a try.

Review: Darkest of Days

Darkest of Days has an amazingly awesome story concept that is absolutely destroyed by unfun gameplay and aggravating framerate issues.

PAX Preview: EyePet

While at PAX, I was given a 1-on-1 presentation by Sony on the EyePet and I walked away impressed, to say the least.

PAX Preview: No More Heroes 2

Ubisoft showed off a small section of No More Heroes 2 at PAX, and by all accounts, it's exactly what fans of the original NMH were looking for in the sequel.

PAX Preview: Diablo III

Diablo III is on track to being the great hack-n-slash game that PC owners have been longing for since, well, since Diablo II came out.

Review: King of Fighters XII

King of Fighters XII's biggest problem is just how bland the game is. The single player's fairly forgettable and rediculously easy, and the online is completely useless. Combine this with the fact that there are two other terrific fighting games out there for the same platforms, and you get a game that's really hard to recommend to anybody.

PSP Review: Up

Lately, it seems like THQ and Pixar have been slacking, and Up seems to be yet another title in the descent of quality.

Review: Battlestations: Pacific

Sometimes when a game features so many pieces, it starts to fall apart. Many open world games, for example, have dozens and dozens of things to do but none of them serve any purpose except to add another bullet point on the back of the box. Battlestations Pacific isn't like that. Every single thing that your troops can do has meaning.

Review: Black Sigil

The only thing Black Sigil does right is the initial pitch, and it does a lot wrong, but even with that, it's not a bad game. Flawed, sure, but not bad.

Review: Cellfactor: Psychokinetic Wars

Cellfactor: Psychokinetic Wars is a surprisingly great arena FPS with a few added quirks that makes it worth checking out. If you can find friends to play with, that is.

Review: Dynasty Warriors Strikeforce (Single Player)

Dynasty Warriors Strikeforce is the latest title to be released in the series, and this time it is exclusive to the PSP. To the casual viewer, it looks to simply be a rehash of all the other games but in reality it features quite possibly some of the biggest changes to hit the core series in a few years.

Review: Cate West The Vanishing Files

Cate West: The Vanishing Files doesn't actually do anything new; it simply combines point-and-click adventures with I Spy, but that's more than enough for what it is.

Review: SBK Superbike World Championship

I hate to dislike a game, any game, I really do, but any time I think of SBK, the word "bland" keeps popping back into my head.

Review: Suikoden Tierkreis

The Suikoden series has always been known for its amazing soundtracks, and Tierkreis is no exception. I actually started playing with headphones because the sound quality was so much better that way

Review: Monsters vs. Aliens

I've played my share of movie tie-in games. Kung Fu Panda, Madagascar 2, and Open Season just to name a few. With my previous experience in mind, I went into Monsters vs. Aliens for the Nintendo DS with my review already written. It'd say something along the lines of "this game is boring, full of bugs, and just not even worth the cartridge it's on." Surprisingly enough, I was almost wrong.

Review: Sonic and the Black Knight

I've never read the Legend of King Arthur, but I'm pretty sure it didn't involve King Arthur getting turned into a demon who then wants to open up the darkworld, and through some miraculous twist of fate a mysterious blue Hedgehog drops in from nowhere with two chili dogs and he saves the day.

Review: Resident Evil 5

Resident Evil 5 is a perfectly competent and extremely fun action shooter. What it isn't is an old-school style Resident Evil title or a survival horror game. It's a refinement of what made the best RE game great, and it looks incredible while doing it. Some would call it Resident Evil 4.5, and that's selling it short.

Indie Blend: Black Sigil

Black Sigil: Blade of the Exiled, an RPG that harkens back to the 16-bit era, is the first game out of Montreal-based development Studio Archcraft. Blend Games recently had a chance to interview the CEO of Archcraft about their debut project.

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