Profound Thursdays:  My Office Scrubs Rock!

Welcome to your Thursday night special. NBC claims to have brought the funny back to TV. Well, I'm not going to make any ridiculous claims, but I am going to write about ALL four NBC comedies, so take it or leave it. That's right. Get ready for 'Earl,' 'Office,' 'Scrubs,' and 'The Rock'. Bring on the fun.

Good News For The Office

‘The Office’ has been a runaway success for NBC, scooping the SAG award for best ensemble comedy and co-anchoring the new Thursday Night of comedy for NBC. No, it ain’t Seinfeld, but laughs are there.

The College Dropout Hits HBO

"I gotta testify, come up in the spot lookin' extra fly... For the day I die, I'ma Touch The Sky"... I don’t think Kanye West has quite enough soapboxes to stand on, yet. In fact, I think that the public, the media, hell, society in general, should give him another one.

Sly As FOX?

FOX has greenlit three new shows. Are you ready for the pitches? Imagine you are the executive sitting on your throne and these words are the helpless writer/producer/director/whoever that is hawking these cheesy wares. Close your eyes and picture it. No, wait. Don’t close your eyes. Read on.

Taking Back Sunday Attends Degrassi

TakingBackSunday to appear on 'Degrassi: The Next Generation'!!!! Quick, damn it, to the couch! TakingBackSunday will star in an episode named after one of their songs, “What's It Feel Like to Be a Ghost?” Tune in on January 12.

Hey, It's Me, Mario!

Dancing closely with one hot chick isn’t quite enough for the Latin wonder that is Mario Lopez; now, he will have 50 gorgeous (and oh so smart) women fawning about his countenance. I can’t help but hate the dude.

The Wheel and The Robot

Don't you just love the thrill of the Wheel? Or the charismatic Trebek, asking obscure questions that only closet-freak, nerds know the answers to? Ok, so that is a bit harsh. Not all of the geniuses on Jeopardy are freaks. In fact, I've met one. Not a freak. But that is not the point. The point is that Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy have run for 24 and 23 seasons, respectively. That is huge in the world of television.

Mr. And Mrs. Smith To Duke It Out On The Small Screen

Do you like staring at a tight-clothed Angelina Jolie kicking ridiculous amounts of butt? Yes, you do. And, if you do not, do you like staring at a tight-clothed Brad Pitt kicking similar amounts of butt? Probably.

NBC Loves The Aristocrats

Once upon a time there was a joke. Probably the dirtiest joke you've never heard. And in this time, once ago, a documentary was made about this joke, featuring about 100 comics telling their versions of this timeless treasure of a joke.

Movies on TV? What a Great Idea!

So, you haven’t had time to hit the movie theatre in the past few months, or years. It’s OK. People get busy. You have a life. Lucky for you, cable networks, like FX and USA are buying up the rights to popular movies so they can air them in a year or two. For example, the newest James Bond thriller Casino Royale was snatched up by USA for somewhere in the $20 million range

Shat Hit the Fan

No! Please, no! ABC has passed on more episodes of the new reality game show ‘Show Me The Money.’ The show, hosted by the amazing William Shatner, started off doing well in the ratings, but has slipped considerably since its arrival. ABC initially ordered six more scripts in December, but has re-evaluated the status of the series. For those who haven’t enjoyed the “Shat-rageousness” of the spectacle

Rosie on the Loose

Not many people remember, but Rosie O'Donnell was funny at one point. Before 'The View', before 'The Rosie O'Donnell Show' and before the movies, she was a stand-up comedian. Sometimes, she was even funny. Unfortunately, Chinese people don't think so. Whoa, slow down on the politically incorrect thought train. I'm just reporting what I'm seeing.

The Most Powerful Woman in Entertainment

I bet you thought this would say Oprah. What? Oprah is not the most powerful woman in entertainment? Shut your mouth! I said it. Shut your mouth! Well, it's true. Amy Pascal is the most powerful woman in entertainment media. You didn't know that she was tops on the list of powerful women in entertainment? For shame. She heads up Sony's film division. After her, there's an awfully powerful lady from Disney. Her name is Anne Sweeney.

Sex Change, Anyone?

The ABC soap opera ‘All My Children’ welcomes a new character to the delicious, deceitful, delightful show. Zarf. Oh yes, that is the actual name. Zarf is flamboyant rock star with a British accent. What more could we ask? The name seems a bit androgynous, don’t you think?

New NBC News - Get It?

NBC is having an up-and-down year, ‘Heroes’ is invincible, ‘Lights’ and ‘Studio 60’ live on until summer and ‘Rock’ is on the chopping block. Life is hard for brand new shows on a top four network.

Topless TV (Not Really)

Apparently, sex still sells, even if you are 80 years old. The show chronicles the life and times of Hefner’s three girlfriends. Yes, three. Hefner appears on the show often, but the focus is the girls. All three live on the Playboy mansion compound.

Free Laughs for Philanthropy

In an effort to help in the smallest of ways, check out ‘Comic Relief 2006’ at 9 o’clock Saturday night. You might even chuckle a few times for free. Robin Williams, Whoopi Goldberg, and Billy Crystal are at it again. ‘Comic Relief 2006’ is set and ready to blast off Saturday night and 9 o’clock. It will be available simultaneously on TBS and HBO. Williams and Co. have done ‘Comic Relief’ since 1986, raising money for worthwhile causes.

Jack on the Black Box

Jack Black is coming to a television near you. VH1 tapped the funny man to co-produce their new sketch show ‘The Department of Acceptable Media’. In addition to serving as co-producer, Black will also occasionally participate in the sketches.

More Grey Please

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ has been shopped around for syndication rights successfully. So everyone looking for extra helpings of Dr. McDreamy, look no further than January for weekly installments. If that isn’t enough (I know, he is so gorgeous) then 2009 is your target date. That is when Grey and the rest of the crew will appear daily on Lifetime network.

More Football in Texas

NBC’s football drama, ‘Friday Night Lights’ will be picked up for an entire season. This is good news for the show, which was on the chopping block next to ‘Studio 60’ just a few short weeks ago. Both shows have since been picked up for the full season. ‘Friday Night Lights’ is based on the book and movie of the same title. The premise: football in Texas.

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