Community Watch: A Fistful Of Paintballs

“A Fistful of Paintballs” does a fantastic job at creating the absurd environment and culture that has taken over Greendale (and caused its inhabitants to devolve 100 years). In a world driven by greed and violence, ammunition has become the most precious resource and chief form of currency.

Community Watch: Paradigms of Human Memory

This week’s episode, “Paradigms of Human Memory”, seems to target such a small audience – people who have watched enough TV to become jaded, know enough about it to grow spiteful, but still continue to watch out of adoration of the medium.

Community Watch: Competitive Wine Tasting

Community is unique in that its main character is, for the most part, a terribly unlikeable human being. When stacked up against the other NBC comedy protagonists, Jeff is the only one who seems like kind of a sleazebag.

Community Watch: Critical Film Studies

Maybe there weren’t any Royale-with-Cheese jokes, but this is the best possible Pulp Fiction episode we could have got from Community. We got the costumes, sure, but that’s about it. Other than Troy’s b-story with the briefcase, there weren’t too many parallels with the plot. No one inquired about the appearance of Marsellus Wallace, and no one asked anyone else to remain calm while their valuables were relieved.

Community Watch: Custody Law And Eastern European Diplomacy

After announcing via Twitter that Community had been picked up for a third season by NBC, Community creator and executive producer Dan Harmon jokingly tweeted, “No better feeling than knowing the rest of your episodes can totally blow.” If you’re going to have a filler episode, you might as well have it when most of your audience is out drinking green beer or watching March Madness.

Community Watch: Intro To Political Science

When the folksy-yet-progressive VP Joe Biden plans a trip to Greendale, a photo-op is set-up with Biden, Dean Pelton, and the Greendale Student Body President.

Community Watch: Intermediate Documentary Filmmaking

Comedy. Hospital setting. Multi-racial ensemble cast. Multiple character focuses, each with their own payoff and life lesson. End of episode has a series of random shots playing over a generic voiceover to suggest a profound thematic connection, voiced by an over-imaginative central character with delusions of grandeur. Come on… tell me I’m not the only one thinking Scrubs by the end of this episode.

Community Watch: Early 21st Century Romanticism

Jeff has finally opened up his heart and let the love pour out.

Community Watch: Advanced Dungeons And Dragons, Anybody Here Speak Gnome?

Could it be that Pierce Hawthorne has become the most malevolent TV villain since LOST’s Benjamin Linus? Read no further if you haven't seen tonight's episode of Community yet!

Community Watch: Tropical Skittles, Cigarettes and Mouthwash

I couldn’t help but feel this episode lacked some of the show’s more unique qualities that set it apart from other sit-coms.

Community Watch: Abed's Uncontrollable Christmas

‘Twas the night before Friday, and on NBC... Was a fantastic show called Community. This episode should cause quite the commotion. It wasn’t live-action, but rather: stop-motion!

Community Watch: Mixology Certification

This episode was dreary, but also quite thoughtful and heartfelt. And it conveyed a message that may not be appreciated but will definitely resonate with the show’s (assumed) young demographic

Community Watch: Cooperative Calligraphy

This week’s episode – continuously referred to as the “bottle episode” – takes place almost entirely within the study room's hallowed walls. And yes, the show is still as funny and captivating as ever.

Community Watch: Aerodynamics Of Gender

In Abed-heavy episodes, one-liners often burst forth with machine-gun cadence, leaving my poor fingers weary as I struggle to type out my favorites. This was one such episode.

Community Watch: Epidemiology

When I heard Community would be doing a zombie episode, I nearly wet myself with glee. I attempted to temper my expectations, but I knew this would undoubtedly be an all-time great

Community Watch: Messianic Myths And Ancient Peoples

With a new cabal of sycophants in tow, Abed’s descent into megalomania is rapid, eventually leading to his delusion that he is both a messiah and the world’s greatest filmmaker.

Community Watch: Basic Rocket Science

It was a turbulent time for Greendale Community College. A time of unsure leadership. Of waning enrollment. Of butthole flags. But in this week’s episode of Community

Community Watch: The Psychology of Letting Go

After two back-to-back Jeff-heavy episodes to start Season 2, we finally got to see plots revolving around our other favorite students of Greendale Community College.

Community Watch: Accounting for Lawyers

We’ve learned a lot about Jeff Winger over the last season and change of Community. We’ve learned his motivations, his desires, his vulnerabilities, and more.

Community Watch: Anthropology 101

He’s snarky. He’s sexy. He’s got a haughty attitude, a lot of heart, and even more hair gel. He’s Jeff Winger, and he and his study group are back in the NBC hit comedy Community.

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