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Casual Games May Be Helping More Than Hurting

We've all read or heard stories about how the game market is changing. The current flood of titles for both devices are lacking in substance and many of us fear that this shoveling of cookie-cutter game mechanics will wind up hurting the industry as they invest in casual titles that new gamers will grow tire of due to their limited depth. I have recently re-evaluated the situation, and present evidence to the contrary.

Former Naughty Dogs Put Their Steel Penny On WiiWare

Steel Penny Games, the independent development studio founded by former Naughty Dog veterans Jason Hughed and Andrew gilmour, have announced their acceptance to the WiiWare developers stable. In the announcement, the company mentions that their first game will be an original IP title set to release in mid-2008.

Ubisoft Is Alive!

The video game industry has become a financial monster. Dr. Frankenstein would of had an army of flower picking soldiers if each penny in the industry was a watt. We're just now stepping out of what has been documented as the most successful holiday season in video game history. So when a company out performs it's own expectations, you know things are getting electric.

Devil May Cry 4 Demo Available

Stop what you're doing! If my inclinations are correct, you were just about to fire up your 360 or PS3 and jump directly into Call of Duty 4. Before you do that, why not warm up your internet connection with a different fourth installment. The Devil May Cry 4 demo just hit your consoles download section, and the smell of brimstone is so enticing.

Gaming Like It's 1987

When the Nintendo DS was announced, video game enthusiasts and analysts across the globe had low expectations. Message boards across the internet referred to the move as "the final nail in the coffin" that was one Nintendo's domination. After releasing the technical specifications for the then Revolution, a similar mind state swept across the gaming community.

House Of The Dead 2 And 3 Returns

On November 15th of 2007, Sega announced that their House of the Dead series would make an appearance on the Wii, Today the company released a number of screenshots showcasing the title. With Konami's Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles currently estimated at 720,000 units sold, it shows arcade shooters still have a following.

Engine Software Presents: Project Bang!

Meet Engine Software, the oldest and longest running development studio in the Netherlands. You're probably already familiar with their work, considering over 60 of their titles have been published across multiple platforms. Now the company is preparing an early jump on the WiiWare craze, hinting that their Project Bang! should be available when the service launches in March.

EA Seals Pandemic, BioWare Acquisition

Love them or hate them, Electronic Arts is the largest publisher in the video game industry. In their efforts to take over the world, many fans have seen their favorite developers get absorbed into the companies portfolio, and many will argue that quality has suffered. Yet others point out the very popular Madden and The Sims franchises. Today, EA sealed the deal and acquired Pandemic Studios and BioWare.

Hudson Announces Deca Sports For Summer

Here's what we're going to do. We'll take the simple gameplay of Wii Sports, cram twice as many sports onto the disc, use the same character models we have in the past, and release a brand new compilation of mini-games. It's genius! We'll create a virtual decathlon, but remove the events and challenges that might require more development hours. Here we go, we'll call it Deca Sports, deca being the Greek word for ten

You Failed The Wii - Support Third Party In 2008

Have you played Zack and Wiki on the Wii? If the sales numbers are a hint, the chances are you haven't. This is too bad, since not playing this game is going to wind up hurting the Wii library. In an industry as fast paced as video games, a title has approximately two weeks to prove itself.

2007: Video Games Rule Entertainment

There's anarchy in the UK. As retailers collectively popped champagne bottles and ate finger foods into the wee hours of the morning, gamers around the country dreamed with great anticipation the gifts Father Christmas would bring. Chart-Tack, the data compiler for the Entertainment and Leisure Software Publishers Association (ELSPA), has released their numbers regarding video game sales, and everyone has reason to celebrate. Everyone except for parents or gamers who don't grow their own money.

Xfire Adds Clan And Guild System

8.5 Million gamers will be seeing a new feature added to their Xfire accounts, allowing them to join or create up to 5 different clans. The Xfire client is already a staple in the PC community, allowing users to see what their friends are playing, how much they are playing, and to communicate with them in real time. The new feature will allow a user to categorize their clan or guild mates, as well as provide information regarding the clan.

Explore Africa's Safari From The Couch

Hey honey, pack up your knickers and fanny-pack, we're going on that honeymoon you always wanted. I know I said we couldn't afford it, but I've decided you deserve something like this. Besides, we'll be making some money while we're out there. I've been hired to shoot lions and hyenas in the African safari. I'll be shooting these exotic creatures with my Kodak brand ammunition fired through an SLR camera

Baroque Coming To North America

Few things in this world irk me more than PS2 games ported to the Wii. I've always viewed it as a cheap way to maximize profits by abusing the customer base generated by the Wii's success. Luckily, Atlus U.S.A. might just be doing the right thing with their recently announced Baroque. You awaken to find the world in ruin, your heart beset with unexplained guilt

PaRappa Creators Team Up For New Project

Majesco Entertainment saw a nice jump in their stock value this week, a jump that I credit with the announcement made public today. The company has inked a deal with legendary game designer Masaya Matsuura, and the well known New York artist Rodney Alan Greenblat. The purpose of this partnership is to develop a new and original music based video game scheduled for a release in the latter part of 2008

World Of Padman Patch Now Available

It would seem the holiday spirit is alive for the World of Padman team. This morning I woke up and found a nice present. A patch that offers a number of features, improvements, and bugfixes that will level the playing field between novices and players abusing glitches. For those of you that have never heard of the game, WoP is a free online multi-player FPS that takes place in the most common locales on earth.

Ninja Reflex Announced

When the Wii was released in November of last year, it did so with the backing of only one major developer, Ubisoft. Within months it became apparent the other guys made a mistake, and the industry realized there was gold in them there hills. As consumers celebrated the Wii's first birthday, the largest player in the video game industry is still trying to find a place in the craze.

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