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The Adventures of Shark Boy and Lava Girl in 3D

Being a parent has many advantages. For starters, I like to call my kids “minions.” C’mon, that’s flat out cool. Who doesn’t want minions? Second, if you raise em right, there’s a good chance one of them will get rich or marry well and then you won’t have to be in a nursing home when your 80.

Cinderella Man

Russell Crowe reunited with Ron Howard and my first reaction is “Hmm, somebody’s definitely fishing for more awards.” After the success of A Beautiful Mind, who could blame them? When the early marketing focused too much on the past success of Howard and Crowe, my doubt about the Jim movie began to grow. Isn’t it nice when your doubts are unfounded? While possibly not on the same level of Mind in the critic world, Cinderella Man delivers another knockout hit for the Crowe/Howard tandem.

Before Sunrise

Even with dialogue that’s definitely self-indulgent, your believability in the characters is firmly cemented during this early meeting. Jesse and Celine seem real even when their dialogue doesn’t. Director Richard Linklater accomplishes this by filming the movie in overly long takes that allows the actors a good bit of freedom to develop their characters.


I have never watched the Thunderbirds TV show. I’ve never heard of it and neither have most of you. Apparently, it was a British children’s show consisting of puppet superheroes. While I’m sure my British friends will enlighten me on the show’s greatness, I can’t see anything resembling such accolades in this movie adaptation. With horrid character development and even worse acting, The Thunderbirds would have been better off sticking with the Muppets.

The Bourne Supremacy

The “car chase” is another carryover from The Bourne Identity that Director Greengrass includes yet improves upon. Supremacy takes the cliché car chase, injects it with steroids, and chases it with a Red Bull. The climax is easily the best car chase on screen in ten years. It’s better than the The Matrix: Reloaded. Why? Supremacy isn't hindered by CGI. The chase is intense and real. When Bourne’s car spins out of control and is simultaneously blind-sided by another car, I dare you not to flinch.

A Cinderella Story

I honestly did not realize a movie could squeeze this many Hollywood clichés into 86 minutes. Beside the Cinderella characters, we also have the “Mean Girls”, the sci-fi geek, the evil rich kids, the geeky yet innocent male friend, the overbearing dad etc. Did anybody in Hollywood go to a real high school? I think Director Mark Rosman watched Heathers and 90210 one too many times.

Garfield: The Movie

Unfortunately for Garfield fans, Garfield: The Movie manages to show less depth than a weekday, four panel, comic strip. If you want to see Garfield animated, go rent the “Garfield Halloween Special.” If you want 78 minutes of bad writing and boredom then do I have a movie for you!

Bobby Jones: Stroke of Genius

Bobby Jones: Stroke of Genius is far from perfect just like the main character. But as with Bobby Jones, the movie finds its bearings as it progresses.

An Evening With Kevin Smith
The Breakfast Club
The In-Laws
Toy Story
Toy Story 2
Finding Nemo
The Rundown
Episode II: Attack of the Clones

I consider a chance to review this script not as a spoiler, but a gift. I feel like a kid who cannot sleep on Christmas Eve, lying awake anticipating the next morning.


Gigli was the redheaded stepchild for the press this year. Every film critic near a pen or a microphone bombarded me with Gigli bashing.

Capturing the Friedmans

Documentary is simply defined as presenting facts objectively without editorializing or inserting fictional matter, as in a book or film. Honestly, presenting facts objectively is a tough thing to do for a documentary filmmaker. Heck, Michael Moore has made a career of using outright lies to push an agenda in his documentaries. A truly great documentary filmmaker presents the subject matter free of his own prejudices. With emotion that encases you for days afterward, director Andrew Jarecki truly shines Capturing the Friedmans.

Cheaper by the Dozen

The 2nd movie version of Cheaper by the Dozen takes a unique approach to its adaptation; change absolutely everything about the book and attempt to cut out all hints of a reasonable plot

TV Recap: The Amazing Race- It Was Like A Caravan Of Idiots

It’s about time that I make a prediction on who will win the The Amazing Race and doom that team to certain defeat. Many people so far have predicted Tammy and Victor while I have seen some people who think Mel’s groin will last long enough to push him and Mike to victory. Not me. I’m going out on a limb and choosing a young good looking team.

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