For all five people (Hey Terence's mom!) who read my recap, are you enjoying the show this year? I’m pleasantly surprised with this season. The teams are not as polarizing as years before. Sure, we have some personality quirks (Tina being controlling, Terence being a girl, etc) but as a whole, the show did a good job casting this year. I'd still like the producers to work on editing the show in a more legitimate fashion and possibly add some additional changes to each episode but for the most part, I'm happy. Now back to Cambodia for the start of the next leg.

As a quick recap, Terrence and Sarah received a time penalty from the speeding ticket they god last week and start 30 minutes later. It has absolutely no bearing as you'll find out soon enough. Teams now will fly 2000 miles to New Dehli, India. Teams will go by taxi to find the next clue at Moon Light Motors. Teams must book tickets at a travel agency first to buy tickets which gives Dallas and his head band time to flirt with Starr some. I must admit that it was hilarious when Dallas complained that his Mom was the worst wing man ever. Since it’s the middle of the night, all the teams catch back up together at the travel agency where they all enjoy the magic of Google so they can find information about Dehli and the next clue location.

The flight lands and all the teams make the mad dash. Team Damaged Goods stares at doors and cannot figure out how to open them. Honestly, how much stupider could Kelly/Christy be? A few teams are having directional issues and of course Tina starts her typical nagging and complaining. I was so wrong about Ken before this show started. I really have no idea how he puts up with her. Nick and Starr get to the Roadblock first. Teams have to repaint the mini-taxis green to signify they are now “green”. Even India has Obama-mania! Andrew/Dan somehow managed to arrive in 2nd place through some miracle of modern travels with Toni/Dallas arriving third. The other three teams still struggle to find where the hell they are going and I can just see that Tina’s eyebrows are about to jump off her head. They’ve had enough.

Kelly/Christy and Terence/Sarah are the 4th and 5th teams to arrive. I’m almost giddy in anticipation for Tina’s inevitable explosion due to their failure to find Moon Light Motors. Even if it doesn’t happen now, it will totally happen before the end of the episode. They finally find the Roadblock while the other teams are taping off the taxis and preparing to paint. Terence begins nagging and complaining about Sarah’s performance. Oh my God if I thought Terence was annoying, Tina decided she couldn’t stand finishing 2nd. She continues to critique, complain, bitch, shoot laser beams from her eyes at Ken while he worked his ass off. What I would give if Phil had drank about 12 whiskey sours and ran on the set naked with a shovel and blasted Terence and Tina in the head with it. I’m not sure why I said he had to be naked.. er.. moving on…

Holy crap, Andrew finished the painting first and he and Dan are now on the way to the Ambassador Hotel to find the next clue from a doorman. Nick/Starr finished second with Toni/Dallas leaving 3rd. Finding a cab was a little hard for a couple of teams so I’m not sure who will get to the clue first. Ken/Tina finished departed 4th and Kelly/Christy left 5th while Terence stood over Sarah’s shoulder the entire time and complained. I wish she’d kick him in the groin but I’m sure she realizes his lack of testicles more than anyone.

I’m not sure where Andrew and Dan are but Nick/Starr and Toni/Dallas are the first to find the next clue which is the Detour. The Detour this week is to either launder money or launder clothes. In launder money, they make a wedding necklace with Indian money and then trade it. With Launder clothes, they must press 20 pieces of clothing. Press the clothes people. Press the clothes. Tina/Ken are still struggling to find the Ambassador hotel as Terence/Sarah leave the roadblock finally. Ken/Tina eventually changed taxis but are now in last place. It appears that the first four teams listened to my advice and went to launder clothes. Terence/Sarah and Ken/Tina both decide to launder money. Nick/Starr luckily have their own gloves because the other teams complain about how hot the irons are. Terence/Sarah and Ken/Tina search for change so they can get the exact amount which slows them down even more. I told you! Sarah finally gets change so they can begin the detour.

The pit stop is at Baha’i House and Nick/Starr get their very quickly. Their prize for first place is each winning their own electric car. Nice! While Nick/Starr are busy saving the environment, the other teams are struggling with ironing. None of the guys are having any luck with folding though. Kelly/Christy finish the detour 2nd and arrive at the pit stop in 2nd place. I guess there won’t be much drama in getting to the pit stop. Toni/Dallas finished next and arrived at the road block in 3rd place while Andrew/Dan are getting an Indian bitch slap from their supervisor. That woman hates their ironing and folding and now God hates them too by sending a gust of wind to blow the clothes off the table. Hahaha. Terence/Sarah exchange their necklace before Ken/Tina and head for the pit stop. Ken/Tina didn’t get their cabbie to wait though so they are searching for one while dogs chase them. Terence/Sarah get to the pit stop in 4th place. The battle is now between Andrew/Dan’s folding and Tina/Ken’s inability to find a cab. Ken finally breaks down and sells Tina to his cabbie. Just kidding… he just yells. Dramatic edits make it appear close but Andrew/Dan arrive in 5th place with Ken and Tina pulling up the rear. I smell a non-elimination round though… and I was right. The new rules make Ken/Tina have a “Speed Bump” in the next leg of the race. This is an extra task that only Ken/Tina will have to do. In the post show, conversation, Ken gets emotional thinking about the ordeals he and Tina have battled in their personal lives. I like the guy more and more each week.

I like the new rules for the non-elimination round. Before, teams had money taken away, and that really never factored into the next leg. Adding another challenge to the last place team hopefully will make these legs costly. We’ll see next week!
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