Survivor Reaction: Knights of the Round Table

King Russell knights the Dragon Slayer while a hobbled James may be racing Jeff Probst's niece on the next Survivor!

Survivor Reaction: Tonight We Make Our Move

The hidden immunity idol gets the Heroes camp buzzing as Tom struggles to stay in the game. Meanwhile, Boston Rob gives tough love to Coach and casts a wary eye on Russell.

Smallville Reaction: Conspiracy

Clark and Zod are at odds in the wake of the destruction of the towers, but someone has been abducting Kandorians and they both try to discover who. Meanwhile, Team Chlollie think that Clark can’t be trusted.

Survivor Reaction: That Girl is like a Virus

The Villains start to scramble when the Heroes mount an epic revenge. The grudge match rises to a feverish boil.

Smallville Reaction: Persuasion

Clark unknowingly plays the Jedi mind trick on everyone around him, and then realizes he can use it to his advantage. When I first heard that this was going to be a Valentine’s Day episode of Smallville, where Lois turns into Donna Reed, I thought it would just be filler fun.

Survivor Reaction: It's Getting the Best of Me

Boston Rob is irritated so much by his team’s lack of motivation that he decides to take a nap in the woods, while James is seduced by the Dark Side.

Smallville Reaction: Warrior

Chloe is impressed by an Angel’s might at giving super-atomic wedgies, while Lois gets nerd-walled by a chick with fishnets. Oh, and Clark Kent doesn’t like you, geek.

Survivor Reaction: Slay Everyone, Trust No One

Welcome to Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains! All your favorites are back as the battle for the biggest ego begins!

Smallville Reaction: Absolute Justice

Dust off your hawk wings and strap on your golden booties! It’s time for some Absolute Justice – an epic two hour Smallville event!

Smallville Reaction: Disciple

Oliver goes a little bonkers yet again, when his master shows up and starts shooting arrows at his friends.

Smallville Recap: Pandora

Tess taps into Lois’s mind to unlock the secrets of her trip to the apocalyptic future and, as a result, Clark decides to show his softer side to Zod. In this episode, Tess kidnaps Lois to learn about what’s to come from her dealings with Zod. She has Stuart, super-nerd, hack into Lois’s brain through these awful looking kryptonite-tipped needles that puncture her temples. Ouch!

Supernatural Reaction: Abandon All Hope

Abandon all hope indeed. Dean and Sam take a break from the meta madness and realize that it’s time to give the devil his due.

Smallville Reaction: Idol

Please retweet: The Wonder Twins activate their powers and turn Smallville into Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman with a dash of The Dark Knight thrown into the mix.

Smallville Reaction: Kandor

Clark, Tess, and Zod each look for Jor-El, who has returned to Smallville to give us a bit of history, and to make the continuity of the show, even in its ninth season, really snap together.

Supernatural Reaction: Changing Channels

No, my reaction to Supernatural is not to change channels. That's the episode title. Why flip around on Thursday night when Supernatural can give you everything you’re missing anyway?

Heroes Reaction: Once Upon a Time in Texas

Didn’t the people behind Heroes decide that time travel is a slippery slope and leads to all sorts of confusing and ridiculous plot developments? Then again, isn’t this par for the course for what may be this show’s last season?

Smallville Recap: Crossfire

We get a semi-filler episode about relationships this week; as new ones are formed, recent ones get tested and the rest get caught in the “Crossfire.” Lois makes a mistake by bringing her charming farmboy partner to help her audition for Good Morning Metropolis.

Supernatural Recap: The Curious Case of Dean Winchester

In The Curious Case of Dean Winchester, Dean’s sciatica is killing him, Bobby wants to kill himself and Sam ends up picking up a little something that burns him in a bad way.

Smallville Recap: Roulette

The former Green Arrow, Oliver Queen, goes all in on the game of his life, but who is pulling the strings? Meanwhile Clark and Lois both get a revelation from last week’s explosive gala.

Smallville Recap: Echo

The Toyman, Winslow Schott, returns to Metropolis to exact revenge on Oliver Queen for being framed for the (alleged) murder of Lex Luthor. But since Oliver is on a path to self-destruction, is he too late? Also, what will Clark learn from his new power?

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