It’s interesting to have just written about The Blair Witch Project and then to have this press announcement come up in my inbox. Quarantine, which definitely owes its style to Blair Witch is headed for DVD and Blu-ray on February 17th.

Sony Pictures is celebrating the release of the movie by giving fans the chance to “join the cult” through the Quarantine website. Members of the cult will get the inside scoop on the true story of the Quarantine virus and the people infected - information that won’t be available anywhere else, even on the DVD and Blu-ray releases.

The idea of the Quarantine Cult is a pretty cool little piece of marketing. The illusion of it being from inside the movie (or the movie being real) kind of falls apart when you actually visit the site though, since clicking on the “Join the Cult” link pulls up a box that signs you up for the cult and for Sony’s home entertainment newsletter. Nobody likes an illusion that is suddenly broken by a corporate reminder.

Something tells me Quarantine fans won’t care either way and may be interested in getting additional information about the world the movie is set in that won’t even make it onto the discs. If you’re one of those, head over and Join the Cult.

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