Katherine Heigl playing a successful career woman who won’t let anyone, especially a man, stand in her way, but will learn to sacrifice some for a child? Sounds like Knocked Up. Josh Duhamel playing a successful career guy who makes some sacrifices in his life for certain females, but still manages to be winning to all the people in his life? Sounds like his character on Las Vegas. Mash them both together and you’ll get Life as We Know It.

The film, which shockingly made plenty of money after production costs, will be hitting DVD and Blu-Ray on February 8th, 2011. The Blu-Ray will come in the becoming-standard Blu-Ray/DVD/Digital Disc package, and will have several extra features, including extra scenes not included in the theatrical release, two mini interview documentaries cataloguing Duhamel and Heigl on the set, and a short called “A Survival Guide to Instant Parenting,” where members of the cast offer their (humorous) parenting advice.

As an addendum to the first paragraph of this article: While this is neither Heigl’s best or funniest role on film, it is certainly Duhamel’s most prominent, at least as far as rom-coms are concerned -- you’ll understand if you’ve seen Win a Date With Tad Hamilton or When in Rome.

My point being that if you’re hankering to see Duhamel, this is the way to go, unless you’re more interested in seeing him lose his cool against the bad Transformers.

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