The Sorcerer's Apprentice definitely wasn't the franchise-launching success that Disney and Jerry Bruckheimer were probably hoping it would be, but with just over a $200 million gross worldwide, it wasn't exactly a flop either. More importantly from a moviegoer's standpoint, for what it was, it was surprisingly fun. Nic Cage is always at his best when he's playing slightly unhinged, and his role as Balthazar Blake allowed him to do just that. Jay Baruchel is about as good an awkward, unlikely sorcerer as you could hope for. Alfred Molina chews scenery with gusto as the villainous Maxim Hovarth. I even thought the script had some clever (if not terribly original) ideas about the relationship between science and magic. Arriving only a couple of days before the summer juggernaut that was Inception, The Sorcerer's Apprentice didn't have much chance, but hopefully it will find an audience on DVD that can enjoy it the same way I did -- just a fun popcorn movie with a few memorable moments.

Disney has announced that The Sorcerer's Apprentice will be coming out as a three-disc Blu-ray combo pack ($44.99), a two-disc Blu-ray combo pack ($39.99), and a one-disc DVD ($29.99), all hitting shelves November 30th. We've got the specs and cover art below.

Blu-Ray Bonus Features
  • Magic in the City
  • The Science of Sorcery
  • Making Magic Real
  • The Fashionable Drake Stone
  • The Grimhold: An Evil Work of Art
  • The Encantus
  • Wolves & Puppies
  • The World’s Coolest Car
  • Five Deleted Scenes
  • Outtakes
  • And more!
DVD/iTunes Bonus Features
  • The Making of The Sorcerer’s Apprentice (DVD only)
  • Deleted Scene: Balthazar Recruits Dave

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