It’s tough making a good James Bond game. One of the things that make the films so memorable is how much action they contain and how many different kinds of action they contain, including fight scenes, chase scenes, shootouts and a heck of a lot of espionage. With the upcoming 007 Blood Stone, Bizarre Creations is integrating a seamless transition of fighting, stealth and shooting all into one party bowl of bone-brunching fun.

The new developer documentary for the game goes behind the scenes and takes a look at the dynamic and visually impressive display of Daniel Craig unleashing a truckload of whoop-butt on a bunch of guys who probably wish they would have checked “good guy” on their resume instead of “evil henchman”.

You can check out the pummel-tastic new video for the game below ofr pay a visit to the Official Website to learn more about James Bond 007 Blood Stone, which is due out this November for the Xbox 360 and PS3.

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