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Nintendo was on a roll today, not only announcing that the Nintendo Switch is the hybrid beast that it was long rumored to be, but they also revealed new gameplay content for Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

Gamespot posted up the new gameplay trailer, which sees Link going around and finding interesting new creatures before doing away with them by killing them. The trailer starts with Link sneaking up behind a boar and lodging an arrow clean up its backside in an attempt to make it a walking shishkabob. The boar dies in a puff of smoke, only to turn into a neatly packed bundle of meat.

Breath of the Wild's newest trailer also shows Link going diving in a small lake, taking off his clothes to avoid them getting wet. We see Link battling some evil goblins and even using the environment to his advantage by leveraging a boulder off the mound and rolling it down onto unsuspecting foes.

After gathering up some supplies, Link proceeds to cook them up in a frying pan over an open-pit grill. We then get to see the hero taking on bigger, badder goblins, exercising some of his fancy fighting skills as the slow-motion dodge comes into play.

Some of the game's physics are highlighted later in the video, where we see Link shooting off an explosive arrow that causes a goblin to catch fire and slump out of the lookout post and fall to the ground, burning to a crisp.

Breath of the Wild isn't just a standard adventure game with basic Legend of Zelda mechanics, though. Eiji Aonuma also introduced some pretty cool, highlight-reel worthy stuff that is sure to catch a lot of gamers by the eyeballs and lure them in. For instance, at the 1:25 mark we see Link gliding down off a hilly perch and then in mid-air pull out his bow and shoot a goblin hanging around on a small tower. It's impressive stuff.

The game is a little bit like the classic N64 versions of The Legend of Zelda fused with some elements from Capcom's Monster Hunter series, along with some survival elements from recent games that have come out that feature emergent gameplay.

All of these features will not only be available for gamers who decide to pick up a copy of the title for the Wii U but there's also the added benefit of being able to play the game on the newly announced Nintendo Switch, which is due for release this upcoming March in 2017.

The trailer doesn't show anything in particular for the Nintendo Switch, but we'll likely need to keep our eyes peeled for any new trailers or content updates for Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild that highlights any special gameplay features for the cross-gen release. You can look for the new game to go live sometime in 2017.

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