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Nintendo knows what fans really wanted out of their Switch press conference, so of course they held off on all things The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild until last. But the extra wait was worth it, as our patience was rewarded with a brand new trailer, as well as a launch date.

At long last, we know when Breath of the Wild will hit the Nintendo Switch, and its even sooner than some folks were speculating. In fact, you can't get much "sooner" than this, as the latest Zelda game will be a launch title for Nintendo's new console on March 3. Yes, you will be able to join Link on his latest adventure through a 3D Hyrule from Switch's day one, only about a month and a half down the road.

The only bad news here is that BotW was one of only a couple launch titles actually named during the Switch event. It'll be joining 1-2 Switch when the console first launches but, outside of that, there's still a big question mark hanging over any other launch titles. But when you've got Breath of the Wild to play through, you probably won't need any other games to play for quite some time.

Speaking of that new trailer, it once again succeeds in making the latest Zelda offering look absolutely fantastic. We've seen BotW in action plenty of times at this point, but this latest trailer gives us the sense that there's a massive, dramatic story beating at its heart. Also, you may have noticed that the titular princess has a voice this time around, and we even see her in the midst of some heartbreaking sobs in the Switch presentation trailer.

The trailer starts off with some new sweeping shots of the many locations you'll be able to visit, including beaches, a wind-swept desert and that plains area we've seen a million times at this point. What's important to note is that, according to Nintendo, you can reach everything you can see on the horizon. There's one sweeping shot about a minute in that should help the magnitude of that statement really settle in.

Thanks to some helpful voiceover, we find out that Gannon will once again be the game's big bad, called a primal evil that has endured through the ages. We then see the pig-beast himself rise out of the ground like some sort of crazy smoke dragon, bringing monsters and corruption along for the ride.

The final leg of the trailer is full of too many rad moments to list here, so we recommend you just buckle down and watch it a few times in a row. Suffice it to say that it looks like the biggest, baddest Zelda game to date and, come March 3, we'll find out for ourselves if that holds true.

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