Activision revealed the second major DLC pack for Call of Duty WWII last week, War Machine, and now we've got our first look at what the new maps and missions actually look like. Get ready to drop into Dunkirk, Egypt and, of course, wage war with some undead nightmares.

The above trailer went live Tuesday, giving us our first real look at the War Machine DLC for Call of Duty WWII. While most of the multiplayer maps up to this point have been pulled from locales visited within the single player campaign, this latest batch of offerings takes players to interesting new theaters of war.

As noted last week and reiterated in this week's press release, players will get to tackle three new standard maps, a new confrontation in War Mode, as well as a third chapter in the ongoing battle against Nazi zombies.

The three maps include Egypt, Dunkirk and V2. The first two are self-explanatory, with the former taking place amidst desert sands and pyramids and the latter dropping players onto the contested French beach movie-goers recently visited in the 2017 film by the same name. As for V2, that's a rocket development site in rural Germany, so expect plenty of close quarters and fast gameplay.

The new War map is called Operation Husky, which has players on the attacking team trying to gather intelligence and then transmit it to allied forces. The whole shebang wraps up with players going propeller to propeller in a multiplayer dogfighting scenario.

Finally, there's The Shadowed Throne, the third chapter in the Nazi Zombie campaign. Players will venture deeper into Germany, exploring a war-torn Berlin that's under siege by undead hordes.

The new trailer offers a pretty solid feel for each piece of the War Machine puzzle in CODWWII. The Dunkirk map boasts a destroyed seaside industrial area with some soggy outdoor regions and plenty of places to hide in surrounding buildings. The V2 map appears to be all about tight quarters, narrow alleys and even a rocket blast that serves as an environmental hazard. Egypt, on the other hand, looks to be better suited to mid- to long-range play, with plenty of open areas to snipe across and various stockpiles of gear to hide behind. I'm excited for Egypt just because it looks so different from the rest of the places we've visited in the latest Call of Duty.

And then there's Operation Husky, which looks like a night mission in the early goings as players work their way through burning structures, followed by aerial combat in the early morning hours.

As for the new zombies map, it appears to boast a zeppelin that can literally zap zombies into being nastier, so it'll be interesting to see how that plays into the overarching mission.

Look for all of that to hit CODWWII next week on the PlayStation 4, then make the jump to other platforms about a month later.

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