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What do a spooky mansion, the Titanic and a gladiatorial arena have in common? They're all part of the new time-hopping Zombies campaign coming to Call of Duty: Black Ops 4. With the latest game in the long-running series set to ship with three chapters full of undead monsters and magic, Treyarch has launched a new "Chaos Story" trailer that gives you a glimpse into each of these twisted tales of survival.

This year's entry in the Call of Duty series is something of a departure from the norm. Launching on Oct. 12, this fourth trip into the realm of Black Ops will be minus a single player campaign. To make up for that, though, the developers are beefing up the competitive component, adding a battle royale mode and even tacking on an additional two chapters in the ongoing Zombies cooperative campaign. Call of Duty games typically ship with an opening chapter, with additional missions getting bolted on as part of continuing DLC. We expect additional chapters are still a part of the Black Ops 4 plan, but only after players have had some time to work through the included trio of stories.

Speaking of which, a little something from each of those chapters is on display in this latest "Chaos Story" trailer. We learn that the main protagonist is Scarlett Rhodes, whose mysterious father has gone missing. Daddy Dearest apparently used to tell Scarlett all kinds of crazy tales when she was a kid, and it looks like those stories might not have been as far-fetched as she originally thought.

With a group of her father's former associates on hand, Scarlett and her new pals appear to start their journey in a big, spooky mansion that also happens to be overrun by the undead. From there, they find themselves on The Titanic, which apparently had a lot more to be concerned about than just a massive iceberg. From there, the team jumps back in time to a gladiatorial arena, where they must face even more monstrosities. This includes a zombified tiger, y'all.

What looks really interesting about this new take on the COD zombies formula is that each setting appears very unique in terms of structure, objectives and gear. On top of regular firearms, it looks like the crew will gain access to all sorts of magical items to use against their enemies, including a staff that creates a protective barrier. And, when they're in the arena, it looks like some of the gear is more melee-focused, including gauntlets, hammers and the like.

According to a press release from the developer, players can expect all of the unique twists, turns and Easter eggs they've come to expect from Call of Duty's Zombies adventures, which should be even more engrossing right off the bat thanks to the inclusion of three full chapters on the disc.

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