Game over, man, game over! Sega revealed today that upcoming patches for the PS3 and Xbox 360 for Aliens vs. Predator have been tossed out.

"I've just received a mail this AM regarding patches for the console versions of AVP and I regret to inform everyone that these have sadly been scrapped," community manager Clumsyorchid said on the company's forums. "I had previously made a claim that these were coming and at the time, this was very much on the table. For the console community, I apologize, as I know there are many features and updates that you'd like to see."

"I'll keep fighting internally for this to happen, but until I hear otherwise, there will not be a console patch for either Xbox or PS3."

This is a bit surprising as the game has received plenty of post-release support. Two map packs have been released for the game since its early 2010 launch. Why provide DLC and not patches? I'm sure it's a complete coincidence that DLC earns money and patches don't.


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