Force Unleashed Movie "Not Impossible"

Whatever your opinion of Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, most will agree that the story would've made for a halfway decent Star Wars film. It'd at least be better than the prequels. So what are the chances of The Force Unleashed becoming a movie?

TFU project lead Haden Blackman had this to say to the LA Times: "Oh, that would be incredible. And it's not impossible. Never say never. George [Lucas] has looked to tell new 'Star Wars' stories through the games and with the entire Star Wars Expanded Universe, and then he has also shown a willingness to let the characters come into the films."

As noted in the Blend Games review of TFU, the game had a very tight, linear structure to it which would lend itself well to a film adaptation. It's already a novel, too. "Not impossible" isn't all that promising but I wouldn't be surprised by an animated straight-to-DVD release. Or maybe a machinima? The game sold 1.5 mil in its first week so there's definitely some cash for Lucas to farm.

Pete Haas

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.