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A group of GTA 5 players paid tribute to James Bond this weekend with a new video. The group went online and acted out the opening train sequence from Skyfall, the latest 007 film.

In the scene, Bond chases a target along the top of a train in Istanbul while a fellow MI6 agent follows in an SUV. The agent reaches a cliffside and then prepares her sniper rifle. Bond and his quarry are brawling when the agent finally takes her shot.

The GTA 5 video covers all the basics of the Skyfall scene. There's a limit to how accurately they can recreate it, though. For example, there's a whole section in the actual scene where Bond uses an excavator to steamroll a bunch of cars and then tear through part of the train car. GTA 5 just doesn't allow for that level of detail in vehicle destruction. Here's the full scene from Skyfall for basis of comparison:

As Reddit users point out, there are a few goofs in the GTA 5 film. The shadow from the helicopter piloted by the "camerman" of the video is visible. The bad guy falls down between the carriages at another point. Also, the MI6 agent with the sniper rifle is a really ugly guy instead of a girl.

"I tried to make a 'her' for it, but when I switched to the other character Lamar wouldn't let me because I had the tutorial to do," one of the creators explains. "This was just for a fun contest but for future ones I will be trying to cut better. I left him falling because the music matched well for the whole timeline, and it kind of explains why Bond catches up to him."

Nonetheless, it's an admirable tribute to a great action scene. I'm looking forward to seeing what this group of gamers does next.

James Bond-themed GTA 5 videos might be easier once the new Business Update goes live. The free patch provides several expensive suits and sports cars to the game to make criminal mayhem a bit more sophisticated.

These four gamers aren't the first GTA fans to make an homage to Skyfall's opening. A GTA 4 recreation was released in 2013 that included the scenes before they arrived at the train as well as some of the original audio. The only downside is that it's all set in Liberty City, which doesn't resemble Istanbul or its surrounding countryside all that much.

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