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Guerrilla Games will be taking its first-person shooter series Killzone to the PlayStation Vita. Killzone: Mercenary, an all-new installment in the series, will let you side with either the ISA or Helghast.

In Mercenary, players take on the role of guns-for-hire. They'll accept contracts from both sides of the war, in exchange for money and new equipment. The exact tactics used to fulfill missions are up to them.

Mercenary uses the same engine as Killzone 3. The Vita's dual analog sticks allow for similar controls as well. Players will swipe the touchscreen to perform melee takedowns on enemies.

The first trailer mixes live-action and in-game footage. In the first part, a group of mercenaries rescue a child from the Helghast. At around 1:20, the gameplay footage kicks in and we see the player dispatch a group of enemies with firearms and his trusty knife.

Mercenary seems like the sort of console quality, exclusive content that Vita will need in order to attract new players. Unfortunately, everyone will have to wait a bit to get their hands on this game. Guerrilla plans to release it in 2013.

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