Now here's a big twist in the typical copyright news agenda: A group of fans get together to make an orchestrated version of Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess and aim to release it to the public and it catches the attention of Nintendo, but instead of shutting down the fan project with a cease and desist letter, Nintendo actually offers to help them.

I didn't think it was possible, but I guess there are some people working at mega-corporations who aren't douche bags. Though I think this is just a one-off case. Anyway, according to the Zelda Informer, they caught wind of the friendly intrusion thanks to a letter sent out from the Twilight Symphony Team letting fans know that the album would be delayed to make a few changes. Check it out below...
“Some of the top people at Nintendo have taken notice of the project and have become involved in an advisory capacity. This is the largest fan-project of its kind, and the first time that a lot of this material will be legally available to the public beyond the game that made it popular.

Nintendo wants to make sure our entire project is consistent with their brand identity. Joypad Records is currently working with Nintendo’s head of copyright to make sure that this release complies with their wishes, above and beyond what is required by law. However, most of the changes Nintendo has asked us to incorporate are cosmetic, and should not affect the audio quality or physical packaging of Twilight Symphony as originally advertised.

The new release date for the Twilight Symphony album is now December 25th. So those of you who order it can expect it just in time for Christmas. Nice timing there Twilight Symphony Team.

Now if only someone could convince Square Enix to stop douching it up when it comes to fan projects, maybe we'll finally get that Final Fantasy VII redo on a current-gen engine the way it was meant to be remastered, as well as a real Chrono Trigger 2, simply considering that the folks at Square don't seem to like doing things that could make them tons of money.

You can learn more about the Twilight Symphony project over at the official website.

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