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Didn't think the rumor about Blizzard making a new Redneck Rampage game was weird enough? Well, try this on for size: Lionsgate Entertainment wants to make a video game based on Mad Men, a television drama about a 1960's advertising agency.

Superannuation noticed that Lionsgate filed a new trademark for Mad Men which encompasses "Computer game programs, cartridges, and cassettes." The trademark application also mentions novels and comic books, which both make much more sense than a video game.

Trademarking is a very early step in the development process so it's possible they haven't even started work on it yet. If you're wondering how they can make a game out of that show, bear in mind that Ubisoft managed to do it with Grey's Anatomy. Will it actually be worth playing? I'm willing to push my pile of figurative poker chips onto "No."

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