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With Medal of Honor: Warfighter set to release in just a couple of days on Oct. 23, the developers at Danger Close have revealed a promotional DLC map pack inspired by the upcoming film, Zero Dark Thirty.

The film revolves around the U.S.'s search through Pakistan for terrorist Osama Bin Laden. While the Warfighter DLC won't let you take part in that particular manhunt, it will provide a pair of maps set in locations Bin Laden was thought to have been hiding.

Those who pre-order the game will receive this Zero Dark Thirty content free of charge. Others will need to fork over $9.99 to enjoy their multiplayer modes in the Darra Gun Market and the Chitral Compound. But before you call this a cheap cash-in, just know that part of the proceeds for the content are going to Project Honor, a charitable program announced by EA earlier this year set to benefit the families of soldiers who were lost during special operations.

Zero Dark Thirty arrives in theaters on Dec. 19 with the latest Medal of Honor hitting store shelves this Tuesday, Oct. 23. No word on if the movie tie-in DLC pack will be available day one, coincide with the movie's release, or just come out on some random day betwixt the two. The clock is ticking on pre-order deadlines if you want the content for free. Otherwise, look to drop 10 additional bucks in you want to live out part of the movie in video game form.