The Medal of Honor: Warfighter DLC inspired by the upcoming film Zero Dark Thirty is still inbound, with players to get access to a pair of new maps taken from locations involved in the search for Osama Bin Laden. Danger Close has released a new flyover trailer of the maps, giving players a better idea of what they can expect.

Zero Dark Thirty is due to hit theaters late next month, focusing on the true story of the attempted capture and eventual death of terrorist leader Osama Bin Laden. Since Medal of Honor: Warfighter is all about warfare in its grittiest, most real state, in makes sense that the developers at Danger Close would partner up with the film to offer some new content for their game. The Zero Dark Thirty map pack is free for those who purchased the Limited or Deluxe editions of the game, but everyone else will have to pay for the two additional maps set in the Chitral Compound and the Darra Gun Market.

The first map is set in the Chitral Compound, believed to have been one of Bin Laden's hiding places during the search. This map looks to be more spread out, yet still offers plenty of routes for exploration and lots of stuff to hide behind. The Darra Gun Market, however, is a more tightly packed series of narrow corridors and interconnected walkways offering more vertical shootout opportunities.

Both Zero Dark Thirty maps can be added to the Medal of Honor: Warfighter multiplayer experience starting the week of Dec. 17.

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