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Is Microsoft Developing A New Fable Game?

They say you can never keep a good game series down and, if the latest rumors are to be believed, that saying could apply to the lost but not forgotten Xbox series, Fable.

Microsoft Speaks On The Future Of The Fable Series

One of the few properties under Microsoft's belt that still carries some notable brand recognition is Fable. The game series hasn't been faring too well this generation, and Microsoft closed down the original development studio, Lionhead Studios. However, that doesn't mean that there isn't a future for the popular game series.

The Head Of Xbox Thinks Fable Has A Future

At the moment the Fable series is on hiatus. The game was supposed to receive a MOBA-style entry in the form of Fable Legends but Microsoft ended up pulling the plug on the project. Well, Xbox head honcho Phil Spencer thinks that there might still be a future for the franchise on Microsoft's home console.

Peter Molyneux Would Love To Make Fable 4, Because Of Course He Would

We haven't heard from Peter Molyneux in a while. The creative game designer has been laying low after a few missteps with some projects at his new studio 22Cans. But now Molyneux is back... and this time he's talking about Fable 4.

Here's How Ex-Lionhead Devs Are Bringing Fable Back To Life

Lionhead Studios may have been shuttered by Microsoft, but that doesn't mean that Fable is dead too. In fact, some ex-Lionhead developers are bringing Fable back to life through a free-to-play card combat game called Fable Fortune.

What The Next Fable Game Could've Been, According To The Late Lionhead Studios

With Lionhead Studios being shutdown at the hands of Microsoft and Fable Legends getting cancelled so far into development, some of the former employees are revealing some other neat things that went on at the studio, including an industrialized Fable 4.

Why Lionhead Studios' Fate Could Have Gone Differently

According to some recent reports surfacing out of the closure of Lionhead Studios is that the studio may not have shut down had Microsoft been willing to do one thing: let go of the Fable IP. There were supposedly studios lined up willing to pay hundreds of millions for Fable and Lionhead.

Here's How Twitter Reacted To Lionhead Studios Shutting Down

It was a sad day for Lionhead Studios, creators of the popular Fable series of games. After an announcement earlier this year that Microsoft would be closing the doors on the developers, today marked the day that those actions were finally carried out. Twitter, as you may have guessed, was full of opinions.

Fable Anniversary Delayed To 2014

Lionhead Studios won't be releasing the HD remake of Fable this year after all. Today the developer announced that they've pushed Fable Anniversary's launch into early 2014.

Fable Anniversary Announced For Xbox 360

Lionhead Studios announced a remake for their Xbox RPG Fable today. Fable Anniversary will be coming to the Xbox 360 this holiday season.

Peter Molyneux Leaves Microsoft

Peter Molyneux, designer of Fable and Black and White, has decided to leave Microsoft. The Lionhead Studios founder will be joining a new company in Guildford called 22 Cans.

A List Of Games For Surviving The Pandemic

No, this is not an article about a series of bad games from EA’s Pandemic studios. This is an article about passing the time while conveniently staying out of harm’s way…better known as Swine Flu.

Molyneux: Fable Development Destroyed Lives, Marriages

If you ask Fable II designer Peter Molyneux what the game's biggest accomplishment was, he won't point to any specific gameplay feature. What he's most proud of is that, unlike the first game, Fable II didn't ruin the developers' lives.

Fable Now Cheaper Through Xbox Live

Microsoft has unveiled the deal of the week for Xbox Live and lucky for you, it involves one of the good entries in the Xbox Originals catalog. Fable is 33% cheaper for the rest of the week.

Editorial: Reasons Your Role-Playing Game Is Disappointing

While it's my favorite genre, I have to acknowledge there are many persistent problems with role-playing games. Having these problems doesn't ruin a good game and solving them doesn't save a bad game but either way, it's a real kick in the teeth to encounter them.

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