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The Surprising Advantage Scorpio Owners May Have Over Other Xbox One Players

There's a small uproar over a revelation about a difference in non-parity between the Xbox One and the Xbox Scorpio. In fact, the issue spawned some heated debates about one surprising advantage that Scorpio owners may have over other Xbox One players.

The Walking Dead FPS Has Been Delayed, Again

Overkill's The Walking Dead is supposed to be the next step in the evolution of Robert Kirkman and Skybound Entertainment's The Walking Dead franchise. It's a new shooter from the masterminds behind Payday 2... except, it seems to have this uncanny curse to end up getting delayed more often than not.

The Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 Trailer Is Gritty and Vicious

The new trailer for Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 is out, and while it offers you the opportunity to play as a sniper, as one might expect, it also promises significantly more. Check it out.

Overwatch Might Already Be Making Changes To Heroes, Get The Details

If you were a fan of only certain heroes in Overwatch, you should be on your guard. It looks like Blizzard might be axing some heroes already. The news comes from PC Gamer who reports that McCree, one of the heroes that is part of the Offense class, is reportedly going to be “nerfed”.

How Fast Players Have Been Speeding Through New DOOM

DOOM has quickly become the FPS of choice for some hardcore gamers thanks to its undeniably challenging campaign mode and less-than-linear approach to advancing through levels. This has made it prime bait for speedrunners who have already broken records with the game.

A Major Battlefield Reveal Is Coming Soon, Here's When You Can Watch It

There has been a slew of possible leaks and rumors squeezing their way out to the public over the last few months, including a possible release date and details on the official name of the new installment. But now EA and DICE are ready to set the record straight. Battlefield 5 will be officially revealed on Friday, May 6.

Superhot's Launch Trailer Is Mesmerizing To Watch

What do you get when you mix a stark black, white and red world with tight controls and a clever gameplay mechanic that will have you pulling off some of the most insane gunfights in history? The answer is Superhot, an innovative new FPS that hit Steam today and, oh look, they've even got a rad launch trailer.

Find Out How Fans Uncovered Serious Sam’s Biggest Secret 14 Years Later

Serious Sam was released in 2001, but just because 14 years have passed since its debut, that doesn't mean it's not still holding secrets.

Titanfall Is Coming to China In A Very Different Form

Bizarrely enough, this year we've seen several popular AAA shooters being transformed into free-to-play options. Titanfall is the next on the list with EA having partnered with Nexon to create a special free-to-play version of the shooter to appeal to the Asian market.

Heroes & Generals Gets Massive Update, Tons Of New Content

We don't hear much about Reto-Moto's free-to-play World War II game, Heroes & Generals, but it's a real dozy and packs a serious punch in the content department thanks to having a lot of features and featuring ground, air and vehicular combat.

Firefall Trailer Embraces War

Red 5 Studios released a new trailer for their free-to-play MMO, Firefall. The new trailer is called the Chosen War and focuses on the fight between humans and a species fighting for planetary control. There are vehicles, jetpacks and plenty of headshots to go around.

Heavy Fire: Shattered Spear Arrives For Xbox 360, PS3, PC Next Week

Mastiff and developer Teyon have set in stone the release date for Heavy Fire: Shattered Spear, ensuring that gamers know that starting next Tuesday, the modern military shooter for the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC will be released, bringing with it all the intense, fast-paced, on-rails action that gamers love in other titles that actually let you play, like Battlefield 3 and Call of Duty.

Renaissance Heroes Open Beta Date Is Set

Hey, remember that Italian Renaissance-based competitive FPS from way back when? Probably not. There's a dozen or so FPS games that come out each year and it's hard to keep up with what's hot and what's not, but one game that disappeared from the media circles was Renaissance Heroes, and now it's back in the spotlight because the open beta phase is about to begin.

Ravaged Free-To-Play This Weekend On Steam

The post-apocalyptic, first-person shooter, Ravaged, is free right now. There's the brunt of it right there. It's free. So play it. If you need a few more reasons to jump in, just think Mad Max-style vehicular combat with Battlefield-sized multiplayer arenas set within a destroyed, post-apocalyptic America. Still need more reasons to jump in? I didn't think so.

Absolute Force Beta Getting Updated Content And A New Map

If you’re looking to add a little action movie flair to your standard military first-person shooter diet, then you might want to jump in the open beta for free-to-play online shooter, Absolute Force. Developer NetDragon have announced that, now that the beta has gone live, a number of updates and a brand new map are coming quickly down the pipeline.

Offensive Combat Arrives On Facebook

The free-to-play shooter from U4iA Games, Offensive Combat, has made its way onto Facebook. The title brings over-the-top action and in-your-face comedy to the social networking service, enabling gamers to hop into the title and enjoy some Offensive Combat without needing a big rig or requiring a hefty installation.

Arctic Combat Receives New Updates

Webzen has announced that they have new content available for their first-person, free-to-play shooter, Arctic Combat. The update includes a new map, a brand new weapon, a new skill and brand new weapon customization options. The good news is that the update has gone live today in celebration of the new year, so there's no wait time on getting into the new content.

Rise Of The Triad Introduces Virtual Teams

In today's networked infrastructure of employment and work methods it means that things can get done easily and efficiently without everyone having to be located out of a single office like in the old days. Interceptor Entertainment gives the gaming community at large a look at how their virtual team operates in the newest developer diary.

Heroes & Generals Dev Diary Covers New Infantry Updates

A new video log has been released for the upcoming – and currently in-beta FPS-strategy game – Heroes & Generals. The developer diary covers the restructure for infantry squads and the way that they level up, as well as the new and improved skirmish modes, maps and vehicles implemented into the latest build of the game.

Arctic Combat Coming To Steam December 6th

Webzen has already let loose plenty of beta promo codes for Arctic Combat and now it's time to prep for the actual release of the game in just two days via Webzen's own game portal and on Valve's highly popular digital distribution service, Steam.

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