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The post-apocalyptic, first-person shooter, Ravaged, is free right now. There's the brunt of it right there. It's free. So play it. If you need a few more reasons to jump in, just think Mad Max-style vehicular combat with Battlefield-sized multiplayer arenas set within a destroyed, post-apocalyptic America. Still need more reasons to jump in? I didn't think so.

As stated in the press release...
Upon completion of a play session, gamers will have the chance to buy Ravaged at 66 percent off its standard price. Normally priced at an MSRP of $9.99, players can buy Ravaged during the Steam Free Weekend for $3.30. The sale ends 10 a.m. PST, Monday, January 14th.

This gives you one weekend and an entire day to hop in on the gameplay of Ravaged without having to pay a dime. And even when you do plan to pay a dime between that time, you can get the game for a highly discounted $3.30, which is pretty cool.

The game itself is a competitive, PvP-based first-person shooter. Gamers can run around the battlefield gathering up high-powered weapons and using vehicles to work with teammates to thwart the opposition.

If you haven't gotten enough of all the other shooters out there and you still need something to quench your thirst for FPS mayhem, Ravaged isn't a bad way to go...especially while it's free. You can learn more by visiting the Official Website or installing the game right now from the Steam client.

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