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GTA 4 Bound For PC

In a move that I'm sure will surprise none of you, Rockstar is porting the obscenely successful Grand Theft Auto 4 to the PC, the platform where the series was born. It's the second new game they've announced this week, the first being GTA: Chinatown Wars for Nintendo DS. I guess they just finished counting all the money they made in April

Microsoft Planting My Lips On...Something

The little story that could. That’s what the “My Lips” phenomenon popping up on RSS feeds today really is. Supposedly these “lips” (and yes I’ll continue to annoy everyone with quotation marks) are going to be some new peripheral from Microsoft, to be announced at the MS Gamer Day tomorrow.

GTA IV Breaks Entertainment Sales Records

Niko Bellic has taken Master Chief to a strip club for drinks and dancing women. After the Spartan was nice and liquored up Niko placed him in the back of a car and drove it off the nearest pier. Chief struggled to get out of the car and Niko blew his faceplate off with a rocket launcher.

No GTA2 For Live Arcade Or PSN

After reporting on Monday that Microsoft wouldn't release a new Xbox Live Arcade game this week - in anticipation of everyone playing Grand Theft Auto 4 - I started to wonder whether we'd ever see the first or second installments of GTA on Live Arcade.

No I Haven't Gotten GTA IV Yet

Today has been an exercise in restraint. On so many occasions in the passing hours of this day I’ve had to keep myself from bludgeoning people with my laptop instead of searching for porn and illegally downloading advanced screenings of Onechanbara: The Movie.

Track List For GTA 4 Soundtrack Revealed

Grand Theft Auto 4's coming out in a couple days and some of you might be wondering if the Special Edition package is worth ninety bucks. Here's a list of the tracks on the soundtrack CD that comes in the package to help you make your decision:

Nintendo Wii Outsells Xbox 360 And PS3 Combined in March

Nintendo continued its domination on the next-gen market when it more than doubled that of combined Xbox 360 and PS3 sales. Thanks to the superb fighter, Super Smash Bros Brawl, the Wii nearly matched the combined sales of all other consoles when including the PS2.

Broken Eastern Promises: Grand Theft Auto IV Will Disappoint More Than Innovate

For Grand Theft Auto IV to hope for a comparison in narrative delivery it needs to step up the gameplay. This past year Portal proved that a game can be story driven with the delivery device being gameplay. From what’s been shown of GTA IV Rockstar hasn’t upped the game in the slightest. We’ll get more film style cut scenes that will impress many people. But at the end of the experience nothing new will have been gained.

Rockstar Finally Announces GTA IV Release Date

After what has seemed like an eternity of waiting and flipping through the same screenshots over and over again, Rockstar has finally provided gamers with a light at the end of the tunnel and given Grand Theft Auto IV a release date. The company will release the latest installment of it's hugely-anticipated action-adventure sandbox title worldwide on April 29th, 2008 for both Playstation 3 and Xbox 360.

Grand Theft Auto IV Trailer Moves Up The Ladies

As Rockstar promised, the latest trailer for Grand Theft Auto IV launched earlier today. Slobbering fans can grab the trailer on the official website, or watch it in HD glory via the Xbox LIVE Marketplace. The trailer is one of the most cinematic we’ve seen for a game, and Rockstar is really pushing the limits on just what we can expect with the game.

Take-Two Nixes GTA 4 Delay Rumors

Grand Theft Auto fans concerned over rumors of another delay to the release of the fourth installment in the series have had their fears laid to rest. In an interview with Gamespot on Friday, Take-Two Interactive chairman Strauss Zelnick stated that GTA 4 is still slated for the second quarter is 2008. He still declined to name a specific release date, however.

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