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New Trailer For Horror Game NightCry Is A Trip Back To 90's Horror

This horror game might feel oddly familiar...can’t put your finger on it? The game has been in development for awhile with an initial release date listed on its Kickstarter as March 2015, so many were surprised to see the quality of the newest trailer which feels very much like a 1999 version of Silent Hill or an early version of Resident Evil or Fatal Frame.

Bear Simulator Dev Calls It Quits After A Barrage Of Drama

Making video games is no walk in the park. Yes, tools these days make it easy for anyone to pick up the development mantle and make their own game, like Bear Simulator. However, the developer found out the hard way that sometimes criticisms can be harsh and the internet harsher, and in result he's decided to quit game development.

New Platforming Game Lets You Play As An Unlikely Hero

A brand new platforming action game has been announced called Stray. The game is an action-platformer in the same vein as many other classic 16-bit titles from way back in the day that populated the Sega Genesis and SNES, except you play as a space cat. The game is currently seeking funds on Kickstarter and votes on Greenlight.

Neverending Nightmares Is Coming To PS4 And PS Vita

If you’ve ever wondered what nightmares are truly made of, Neverending Nightmares gives you a glimpse into that darkness. And just yesterday, creator Matt Gilgenbach of Infinitap Games announced that the game was officially coming to PS4 and PS Vita the second quarter of this year.

The Works Of Mercy Trailer Shows Off Gameplay Unlike Anything We've Seen Lately In Indie Horror

One thing many recent indie horror games have had in common was their obvious influence by last Fall’s Silent Hills teaser, P.T. But The Works Of Mercy burrows into something much deeper and darker than ever before. This time, the player is forced to do the killing, and it’s a sick trip into a very uncomfortable and unnerving gameplay experience. Watch the chilling gameplay trailer below, which takes you through the prologue.

Overwhelmingly Successful Kickstarter Game Is A Trip To Hell

The dark action-packed 2D adventure, Pinstripe, was 60% funded after only six hours of running the Kickstarter campaign, and at the time of writing, the game has been successfully funded with almost $37,000 and 28 days left to go; that’s $9000 over its initial goal of $28,000.

Ex-Blizzard Devs Are Working On New Horror Game

Ex-Blizzard devs have collaborated to create Kollide Entertainment, and they have launched a Kickstarter to fund their very first game, Broken. While the game is obviously still in its early stages, there’s still a bit of excitement at the thought of the kind of creativity going into the action horror game.

Troubled Development On Unsung Story Halted

Playdek has run into a major problem: they don't appear to have the funds to finish Unsung Story. Part of the team has moved on from the project to work on something else and in result, development has been halted... indefinitely.

Battalion 1944 Kickstarter Reaches Overwhelming Success In Just 3 Days

Bulkhead Interactive's first-person, World War II shooter, Battalion 1944, recently landed on Kickstarter and within the span of just three days the game managed to surpass its funding goal of $142,000. It's already accrued more than $216,000 and is currently gunning to hit those stretch goals.

[UPDATE]Whatever Happened To The Viral Crowdfunded Horror Game Asylum?

Back in 2013, Senscape, including Agustín Cordes who helped design Scratches, unleashed a new project on Kickstarter called Asylum. And since the game was greenlit on Steam in 2013, there’s almost been no word of when we could expect the game in its full capacity. So the real question is, what happened to it?

Ex-Partners Respond To Claims Of Spending Crowdfunded Game Money On Booze And Strippers

When anyone decides to back any project on websites like Kickstarter or Fig, their hope is that if funded, their money will go into making the project a success. But in the case of crowdfunded game, Ant Simulator, the money didn’t quite go into creating the game.

Dreadlocks' New Kickstarter Game Makes Ghost Hunting A Terrifying Reality

Have you ever wanted to investigate a real haunted location, but live too far away or you’re too chicken to try? New horror game from Dreadlocks, called Ghost Theory, will give you just that opportunity—only from the comfort of your computer chair.

This Dad Thought Of The Best Way For His Daughter To Deal With Nightmares

Do you remember what scared you the most when you were a kid? Was it the closet, or the darkness under the bed? For one young, teenage girl, she started having detailed nightmares about a creature she called “NOOZh.” To help her deal with her nightmares, her father decided to design a video game based on the nightmares his daughter described.

Horror Game 'Visage' Launches Kickstarter Campaign With New Trailer

Visage was described in a previous Cinema Blend post as being inspired by the short-lived but highly impactful indie horror game, P.T. But now, Visage has finally launched their Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for the game and they’ve even gifted us with a brand new trailer showcasing 12 minutes of alpha gameplay.

Mighty No. 9 Has Been Delayed Again

We’ve got some disappointing news for folks who have been eagerly anticipating the February launch of Mighty No. 9: Keiji Inafune’s spiritual successor to the Mega Man series has once again been delayed.

A New RPG Has Players Saving The World By Singing

Indie developer Greg Lobanov has taken to Kickstarter to finish funding for his project called Wandersong. It's a delightfully cheery adventure game made in a similar vein to the Legend of Zelda titles, but instead of saving the world with sword and shield, you'll do so with song and lyric.

Journey LIVE Doubled Its Kickstarter Goal In Its First 24 Hours Of Crowdfunding

Journey has literally changed the lives of millions of players from around the world, with its philosophical undertones examining the journey of Life. And now, you will be able to hear the soundtrack of Journey played during a live playthrough of the game, thanks to a highly successful Kickstarter campaign.

This Game Will Make You Never Want To Hitchhike Ever Again

Rides With Strangers is supposed to put you in the passenger seat of a stranger’s car, something both equally realistic and terrifying. Though hitchhiking was popular back in the day, nowadays children have been taught to never take a ride with strangers. With the increase of violence and crime, hitchhiking as only been seen as an unnecessary risk.

Star Wars Open World RPG Kickstarter Cancelled

A proposed fan-made Star Wars game popped up on Kickstarter this week and, despite making nearly $20,000 over the course of just a few days, it has now been removed because, well, that was never going to happen.

Torment: Tides Of Numenera To Enter Beta At The End Of The Month

Developer inXile Entertainment has confirmed that the beta for Torment: Tides of Numenera, the crowdfunded isometric RPG that is the spiritual successor to Planescape: Torment, will officially get underway starting the week of January 17 for eligible backers who helped fund the game.

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