New Board Game Monster Slaughter Let's You Be The Bad Guys

Monster Slaughter
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So here's a board game that you probably would absolutely love. It's called Monster Slaughter and it's from board game developer Ankama. What makes it so special? Well, it puts you in the role of an overseer of monsters, controlling a group of the creepy crawlers of the night, set on hunting down and slaying "insufferable" teenagers.

The news comes courtesy of an announcement over on the official website. Monster Slaughter sees players in control of werewolves, vampires, zombies, and golems as they attempt to take over a house where teens are holed up. The purpose is to slaughter the teens with extreme prejudice.

According to the game page, this new board game is suggested to be played with two through four players, and mostly for those who are 14 years of age or older. Each game, from start to finish, is expected to last you about 45 minutes.

Like most tabletop games, you'll have pieces, cards, and a spiffy looking board in which to play across. Various weapons will be at the player's disposal, including crossbows, silver bullets in flintlock pistols, chainsaws, and tape-wrapped baseball bats. All of the standard weapons you would likely expect from an action-horror flick. Obviously, there are nods to classics like Evil Dead, Van Helsing, and Dawn of the Dead, but the really cool bit is that the setting and motif also seems to be a throwback to old-school slashers like Friday The 13th.

The fact that it takes place in a cabin in the woods instantly reminds me of new-school classics like, well, Cabin in the Woods.

Each player will embody one of the monster types, including the golems, zombies or werewolves. Each monster type has its own sub-category of monsters that you can utilize while attempting to hunt down those pesky teens and do away with them.

There are three different type of sub-monsters per category, such as werewolves themed after Teen Wolf or Little Red Riding Hood. Golems have sub-classes including Frankenstein, the Bride of Frankenstein, and kid Frankenstein. The zombies are just the standard undead types, with a male, female and kid version.

There are five teenagers that must be subdued during the round, and they're represented by the cards on the board.

Speaking of cards and pieces... the game comes with quite a few components, including 25 different injury pieces, five different bone pieces, 20 different brain pieces, 20 teenager markers, six different health point counters, a single moon piece, nine different doors, four different prediction stands, and one surprise guest token. There are 88 different game cards, 12 different monster figurines, and five different human figurines.

It's interesting because on the main site there are a number of subsections, including one for a Kickstarter page. However, it's blacked out at the moment, so it looks like Ankama might take the board game to Kickstarter to get it finalized for production. Board games do really, really well on Kickstarter, so don't be surprised to see it meet and surpass its goal quite easily, especially with a premise based on something as fun as hunting down pesky teens using a variety of classic monsters.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.