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Kinect Creative Director No Longer Working On Xbox One

The creative director for Kinect, Kudo Tsunoda, is no longer the front man for the technology. The man who revolutionized the possibility of looking at the bottom of your avatar's shoe is now being scuttled off to work on human interaction accessibility for Microsoft Edge and HoloLens.

Microsoft Still Has Faith In The Kinect

The Kinect has been at the center of an ongoing argument since the Xbox One was announced in 2013. A substantial number of gamers object to Microsoft's insistence that it be included with the Xbox One, but the developer has always been clear: the Kinect is here to stay.

Microsoft Cancels New Kinect

The newest iteration of the Kinect for Windows has been canned. Why? Well, Microsoft developed a method that enables software developers, designers, and enthusiasts to get their hands on the Xbox One edition of the Kinect. So, instead of having two different iterations, they now only have one.

10 Really Popular Gaming Accessories, Ranked By Greatness

Hardware developers are famous for churning out useless accessories. But every so often, a clever company stumbles into something truly brilliant. Most of the time, the peripheral didn't seem important right away but in time it manages to change the direction of the industry.

Police Are Using Microsoft's Kinect For Training

It was bound to happen sooner or later and it looks like it's happening sooner rather than later: enforcement agencies now have an opportunity to utilize Microsoft's Xbox Kinect for procedural police training. Yes, that is correct. You can now use Kinect to train in baton beating, breaching and entering, and tazing someone in the water.

Xbox One Gets Another $50 Discount

If you still haven't picked up an Xbox One yet, or perhaps you want to tape two consoles together to make the first ever Xbox Two, then you'll be able to do exactly that for slightly cheaper in the very near future, as Microsoft announces another $50 price cut is coming to its next gen console.

Xbox One's Standalone Kinect Coming In October For $150

The Kinect 2.0 hasn't had a very fruitful or worthwhile life. It's short span on the market has been a turbulent and troubled one. However, Microsoft is still hedging bets on the camera device becoming something more than the butt of NSA jokes by possibly making it a standalone accessory starting this October.

Consumers Will Buy Kinect For Xbox One, Says Phil Spencer

The new head of the Xbox division believes that all the controversy is water under the bridge and that consumers will buy Kinect, either as part of the package or as a standalone device following the release of the June SKU.

Xbox One Aaron Paul Ad Is Messing With Consoles

This week Microsoft debuted an Xbox One advertisement featuring Breaking Bad star Aaron Paul. The ad has an unintended side effect: it's turning on Xbox One owners' consoles.

Xbox One Loses Kinect 2.0 Exclusivity, Coming To Windows For $199

One of the only things separating the Xbox One from its competitors was the highly controversial camera device sometimes known as the NSA Spybox, but now it's no longer going to be exclusive to the Xbox One.

Microsoft Won't Completely Kill Xbox One's Kinect Support

Larry “Major 'Flip Switcher' Nelson” Hryb had to come clear the air about where Microsoft stands with what some consider to be the Xbox One's Kinect.

Xbox One May System Update Now Available For Download

The May system update for Xbox One is now available for download according to Larry "Major Nelson" Hryb. The patch enhances the audio and Kinect for the console.

PS4 Voice Command Video Shows It's Just As Wonky As Xbox One's Kinect

Like the embedded video shows, voice commands is a wonky, shoddy piece of crap that doesn't appear to work on the PS4 just as well as it didn't work on the Xbox One, at launch.

Peter Molyneux Trashes Xbox One's Kinect, Calls It A Joke

The former golden boy of the Xbox brand has traded in his expository serenades and alluring laudation for biting tones and jagged verbal jabs aimed at Microsoft's proprietary camera device known as Kinect 2.0.

There Came An Echo Coming To Xbox One, Makes Full Use Of Kinect Features

Finally... there's a game coming to the Xbox One that's not coming to the other consoles, and it's making full use of gesture and voice controls. Unsurprisingly enough, it's not an AAA blockbuster title, but rather a Kickstarter called There Came an Echo.

Microsoft Responds To Spying Allegations Involving Xbox Kinect

Microsoft was reached by Eurogamer for a comment on the involvement of Kinect being used to spy on people and here's what the Micro 'S' spokesperson had to say...

Xbox Kinect Involved In GCHQ Spy Protocol, Lots Of Sexually Explicit Images Recovered

The brunt of the protocol relied heavily on monitoring Yahoo! chat webcam sessions, along with the Xbox Kinect, in which a lot of sexually explicit images were recovered.

Microsoft Won't Sell Xbox One Without Kinect

That's right, you guessed it (against your better judgment): Microsoft won't be selling an Xbox One without Kinect... not any time soon, anyway.

Kinect Helps People Troll Hard On Xbox One

Thanks to the elevation of technological innovation, we no longer have a lower class of troll... we now have tech-savvy trolls who can use the benefits of things like Kinect 2.0 to troll other people. Watch and behold the greatness of Kinect helping trolls troll.

Fighter Within Glitches, Poor Response Timing Show Just How Broken The Game Is

I've read some of the reviews of Ubisoft's launch title for the Xbox One, Fighter Within. I read them but I didn't think much of them. What I didn't expect was that the game was going to be as broken as it is.

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